Today Was The Day Of My Interview….

Published November 7, 2008 by sadistickitten

Didn't get much sleep last night because I was too excited about my job interview today.  I did get through the REM sleep but I didn't seem to fully get to sleep if you know what I mean because I still kept thinking about the job while I was dreaming of something else if that makes any sense at all. So I didn't get much sleep at all I was too excited/nervous about the job.

Ended up getting up around 9am to work out before the interview and figuring out what to wear for the interview as well as taking my time to get ready.  Did makeup and left a little bit after 10am, when we got there (quick and easy to get there actually) I had to fill out a HUGE application and I mean HUGE.  It was like 10 or more pages, I felt like I was signing away my life after filling it all out.  Some of it I don't think was neccesarry.  Like they asked your weight & height, they "claim" it's confidental and all but still that's inappropriate to ask when applying for a job.  For whatever reasons, they could look at my weight and stuff say well she shouldn't work here.  You know?  They're NOT supposed to look at it but still come on, I'm sure they totally did.

Got into to see him and Tony pegged the guy right when he came in and brought in a patient.  I didn't think that it was him but the guy on the phone sounded rather old when in reality the guy was like a year or 2 older than I am.  It's funny because I saw a woman come in jeans and a guy come in with sweats on.  I know it's only a housekeeping position but still, dress for the job that you want not the job that you're applying for.  And both of them they looked messy & wrinkled.  Am I the only person that cares about what they looked like before going on interviews?   Not only where they dressed horrible but there was this woman who actually had crimpled papers as well as major stains on her paper that she needed to give him.  What?!  You're not in high school anymore, if you take a paper home for further stuff then at least have come back in the same condition that it was in when you got it.  Gesh, I mean it's not rocket science here.  I mean not trying to sound mean but come on, what's wrong with people?

He said that he's got a few more applicants to see but he'd give me a call either Monday or Tuesday the latest (if I don't hear from him by Tuesday in the afternoon I'm so calling).  Then after they make an offer then, I'll take a drug test, TB test (had those since doing massage at the college), and a physical on Wednesday at the hospital (not where but I assume Leominster???).  After that, he said on the following Monday they'd have orientation.  So I'll hear some time next week.  Even if I don't get the job at least I did good on the interview I feel that I said the right things.  The only things that were bad was: 1) I hadn't worked in TWO years (ouch) and 2) my manager isn't most likely there anymore (either one actually).  That's some major points against me here.  I hope that doesn't hurt me and I believe those are the major things and reasons why they might chose another person instead of me.  I mean it could be worse like having several jobs lasting only a few months each but still not good for the employer to look at.

So in the end, if I don't get the job I don't get it.  I won't cry over it because I believe that I did my best and I was very polite, sat up correctly, smiled, answered the questions to my best knowledge and I did all that I could to impress him.  The rest is up to him, if he decides that since I don't have enough experience or that I haven't had a job in a few years then that's fine.  I won't be mad or pissed off, at least I tried.  No one can fault me for trying right?  I'm thrilled to have put myself out there and didn't take no for answer.

I've applied to MANY of places within the period of time that I lost my last job to the point where I am now.  I will survive and if he doesn't see me working there then so be it.  Plus, if the offer he makes on Monday or Tuesday is for part time then I'd have to say no.  I mean yes that'd be great and all but it's an hour away from my house and with gas price not be worth it.  Depending on how many hours it will be, with the hospital they offered me (didn't mention it to him) another job but it was for 3 hours a night 5 days a week.  To me, that's not worth it going in for 3 hours every night for a week when I was going in for 6 hours a night 3 days a week.  Do you see what I mean?  And gas $ are dropping and even then they were getting high.  So if he doesn't say it's for 8 hours then I don't see how I can take the job you know?  Well I guess we'll have to see.  I mean if I found this job then I am sure that I can find another one in the future.

Thanks for reading this, I'll update on this when I hear on Monday or Tuesday.

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