Keep Fingers Crossed

Published November 6, 2008 by sadistickitten

First want to start out by saying a happy birthday to  hope you had a good day hun!

Most of this week, I've been sick let's just leave it at that and go on.  If you read the entry below this one you'd know that I had issues with being sick the past few days and I'm doing much better today.  I made sure this time to eat different so maybe it won't make me sick again, I think it was the chicken, Tony might've not cooked it long enough.  

Anyhoo, applied for a job a few days ago and he called me the next day.  I was sick for 2 days but today I wake up feeling better but I missed his calls both times (he doesn't need to know that I was sick) so I called him back an hour after he called the house but I got his machine.  I wasn't sure what to do next since I had been out of the job market for many years now.  What I ended up doing is calling him back 3pm which was 5 hrs after I called him originally.  

I got the machine again and I left a message saying hi and that I was sorry that we were playing phone tag (talked with [info]janke & Tony about what to say) but I hoped to hear from him soon.  No sooner did I leave the message a few minutes the phone rang and it was HIM!  He said that he wanted to see me for an interview tomorrow at 11am.  So that's where it is right now.  After that, I'll inform you when I get home later on what exactly went on.

After that, I cleaned the house because I was a burst of energy!  If I have tomorrow morning, I'll just have some hot cocoa to wake me up but I plan on going to bed earlier anyways.  I had to clean the house tonight the trash goes out today (well tomorrow but early) and my parents are coming over this weekend so I HAD to do that or this place would look horrible.  Right now, I'm relaxing writing to you this then I'm going to go ahead and for awhile then relax and go to bed early.  I want to make sure that I get plenty of rest for tomorrow.  I just hope that I don't wake up in the middle of the night again with cramps and get sick.  That would be bad but I don't think that'll happen again.

Had take out for supper, I was too tired to cook plus I wanted a ham sandwich so Tony went out and got the take out for me aww that was soo sweet of him.  They screwed up my order (shocker, didn't see that coming) so Tony had to go back and get it fixed.  I hate cheese so yah they had to do it over again.  But it was very yummy!

While we're out tomorrow, Tony and I are going to get a few things errands since we're in Leominster already.  Well I'm off to read and relax.  Take care all.  Wish me luck.

by sweet:[info]snapsh0t



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