Job Position Possibilitiy & Help On Situation

Published November 6, 2008 by sadistickitten

The other day, I applied for a job online. I sent them an email with my resume included and yesterday I got a call!!! That was quick! The only problem is that Tuesday night I had problems sleeping so I couldn't fall asleep til after 5am. Soo…when he called yesterday I was sick because I didn't get much sleep at all the night before. I didn't feel like calling him back when I got up later on because I wasn't coherent enough.

My husband called back to say that I was out but would call when I got back. For all he knows, I'm out at interviews looking at other jobs that I could get hired at right? Last night, we went to bed early because we were bored and tired.

In the middle of the night last night, I got up due to having terrible cramps. I got sick and went back and forth to the bathroom (do I have some luck huh?) all night long. Getting about a half hour sleep inbetween bathroom trips. Of course this morning I slept in again (no I don't work right now, got laid off awhile ago) and would you know, that's when he calls!!! 😦

Man I swear I have no luck! Just called him back a little while ago so hopefully it won't be yet another day till he gets back to me. So we've been playing phone tag and I really hope that this doesn't screw my chances at getting this job because we could REALLY use the $ right now.

My husband has even said that he'd take over being the "housewife" duties. So he'll be cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. since if I do get this job that's exactly what I'll be doing there…well except not cooking. I'll doing what I did at my last job, laundry assistant as well as housekeeper. My last job they phased out my position but I was there over a year so that was good experience. I know it's not a perfect job and no I don't plan on doing that for the rest of my life but for now it's good $ if you work the overnight (or well the 3-11pm which is what this job is).

So hopefully I hear from him soon that way I won't lose out on my chances. Wish me luck!

My husband thinks that I should call him back again, but I think that's not a good idea because I don't want to push him away. Being too pushy in these types of matters isn't good. He called back before my feelings are that he will call back again. We're not sure if he knows how to check his messages or not but what if he does but he's just busy? If he does, then I call back AGAIN that will make me look bad. If I don't and he doesn't check his messages or know how? I don't know.  Tony thinks that I should call back later on today if he hasn't called me back, what do you think?

What do you think I should do? Opinions?!

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