Oh my god!

Published November 5, 2008 by sadistickitten

Can you believe that someone actually said that Obama is a "HBO minority fairytale" which in her words it means because he's black.  You know what else pisses me off?  The fact that people actually believe that their vote mattered.  Yes you can sit there and tell me, well did you see the polls?  Yup I sure did but you know what?  VOTES DON'T MATTER!  Besides that, her comments makes her sound racist.  Gesh, how fuckin' rude to say that?  What does it matter if he's black?

Unless you are in congress then no you're votes don't matter.  We tell Congress whom we'd like to have as our president but the ULTIMATE decision lies on THEM NOT US!  Anyone would know if they took ANY govenment classes in school.  I mean come on now people, how stupid are some people that they believe that we decide the president?  Yes because we matter so much that we decide?  Nope, the constituion already says "congress votes who's presidents" because if you read the constitution (we had read to us, part of it) and it clearly says that us americans are idiots (nice huh), that congress is smarter than we are so they get to decide whom they want to run.  It's funny because they never get any credit for what they do, the decision that they ultimately make.  I'm not mad at Obama winning, frankly I knew it but what I'm mad at is closed minded assholes who think that just because he's black he shouldn't be president.  Seriously, racist much!?

 Grr, this is NOT saying that everyone's an idiot, I'm just saying that people that say "their vote matters" is WRONG!  And not only that, but it doesn't matter if you voted for either person it was whom ever congress wanted.  Sorry just my pet peeve for today.  God people are so closed minded to say that what they do.  (just talking about the racist thing). Oh this is coming from a Republican asshole that made the comment about Obama so I'm not suprised.  They're probably part of the KKK or something.


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