Published October 31, 2008 by sadistickitten

I was looking through my graphics today, organize them and trying to figure out my next freebie for   since I've already put up a few in   and I noticed that I have made WAY over 2000+.  I have TONS for my gallery at   as well as a bunch that I've made for myself.  Not to forget all the stuff that I've ever made for people's birthday, anniversaries, christmas, etc.  Tony helped me check to see how many I have made by right clicking and highlighting my folder. Oh shit!  But that also doesn't include the ones that I made for others but deleted since they were made ONLY for them.  And don't forget the ones that I made before I knew what I was doing.  Those were horrible and I deleted them but those would put me pretty high up there.  Also count ALL the blinkies that I made for the other day that's way over 100+ blinkies!!! Oh cow!!  I made over 100+ blinkies yesterday?!  GESH, (ok between yesterday & the day before) no wonder my eye felt tired and thought that they were going to bleed!!!!  

Of course, I have been making blinkies for over 6+ years now so you'd expect that much wouldn't you?  Considering that's what I "majored in" at the beginning.  I'm pysched that I've been making great blinkies lately and that.  😀

Well I just thought that was interesting.


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