What A Weekend!

Published October 27, 2008 by sadistickitten

*phew* These past few days have been HELL!!!  I've got a lot going on in my personal life right now that keeps me pretty stressed but I'm trying my best to not let it get me down, it's hard but I'm trying at least.  I really don't care to get into what's going on it's too much and it's actually way too personal besides, that's between Tony & I anyways so I'd rather not get into it.  It's nothing like you're thinking, we're NOT breaking up at all we're still together and will stay that way, it's just stuff that really doesn't concern anyone but us. 

Guys came over on Saturday to play some what else?  POKAH, we had a fun time hanging out of course when don't we?!  They're great guys and I hope that they find great girls too.  No I don't like them that way, I just think they're cool people that deserve good things to happen to them.  They want to go out next time or get more girls or just more people to play poker.  Tony invited Marne & Sandy but they didn't get back to him.  He did get a response from Sandy so she may be coming next weekend, as for Marne I doubt it.  We haven't heard from her in forever and besides she's got a new bo.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day writing letters (got 3 out today) so that's pretty much all I did and watched "True Blood" it's nice having HBO free on demand for a year (not sure when it'll go up but I'm enjoying it now).  Ended up ordering 2 of the books that the show was based off of (amazon ecertificate from promosquads) I hope they're good as the show is to me. 

Today, I filled requests for [info]sadistic_treats & [info]blinkiesheaven I still need to fill one more request for ST but I'll get that done tomorrow.  We gave Princess because she needed it and it hadn't been done in like a month either.  I like to keep up on it because when I wasn't giving her regular baths every month the poor baby got fleas.  😦  I know it's fall but still I don't want to take a chance of it getting warm (here in NE: New England) we've been getting a lot of warm days lately (another reason why I can't seem to beat this cold) again and I don't want to take a chance. 

My strong bad game FINALLY came out today, they were waiting so long because Nintendo had to approve of it and apparently they didn't approve til last week after Monday (contract stuff) so it had to wait till now to be released even though I don't have it for the wii.  Sucks but oh well at least it came out now.  I played before watching "Heroes" earlier I'm loving this new season, anyone else loving this season of "Heroes"?  

Well I'm off play some more before I go to bed, I said that I'd not play much but I can't I love the game TOO much besides I can always play it over again πŸ˜€

Take care all & have a good week/night.

by sweet:[info]goodgal996



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