Update On Former Penpal

Published October 27, 2008 by sadistickitten

I had contacted the girl that deleted me from her list, I sent her a message (like she didn't see that coming) saying that I don't understand why you deleted me. I told her that it was rather rude to go ahead and delete me like that without at least telling me ahead of time before she had done so. I also mentioned that the only reason that I could think of her deleting was the fact that I don't like kids nor do I want them. She comes back saying that I don't need to keep saying that (since when do I keep saying that? I ONLY mentioned it because I hadn't put that info in my journal before we became pals so I didn't know if she knew that or not) in there. Actually, yes I do. I mentioned it only because I wanted to let her know. In the first letter she sent me, she told me that she was pregnant. Again, why would I care? Great for her but why would I care?Then I told her and she sent me a rude letter back saying that she knows about my feeilngs about kids. If she did then why mention she's pregnant? I mean does she think that I'm going to just go ahead and be happy about it? The world is far too overpopulated and all the other stuff as well. It's like a person who's allergic to something and that person gives you something that you're allergic to. Doesn't make such sense. I don't hang out with my sister and I hated being around my niece who's truly spoiled so why bother mentioning that? I'm the type of person that could care less if someone's pregnant. To her, I think it was just an excuse to get rid of a pal. She always claimed that we were so close, not at all. I barely knew her and we wrote for at least 4 or 5 months. She never really talked about things, just about her & her boyfriend that's about it. It's not like I knew her feelings on kids, or anything so when she said that she was pregnant I was shocked not only because she didn't bother to talk about her life really but she also never told me her feelings on that stuff. So truly how would I know? She probably got mad one day coming to my myspace page where I put up in my intro about my feelings on kids. I have no regrets, I'm not the one lieing to everyone as well as herself. She is! It's funny because she was trying to tell me how immature I was (not so many words) when I'm the one being upfront and honest about the whole deal yet she's keeping stuff from me. Clearly, I had NO clue what her views were on anything at all. She's probably upset that I am not all excited about kids but sorry that's not me. Others are I'm sure that but again that's not who I am. So in the end, it gives me extra stamps less stress dealing with a hormal woman (pregnant woman always seems to treat me like shit, they get poed at me for whatever reasons) and time dealing with her immature bs. 


The thing that gets me is that I’m trying to be me here and she KNEW whom I was before penpalling with me. Now all of a sudden, she’s mad that I’m the way that I am? If she read that in my user info then she should know that I am not the type of person that cares about kids. It’s made perfectly clear to anyone whom reads it. What I think she’s poed about is that now that’s she’s pregnant I don’t care to hear about her issues. And you know what? I’m shocked that she’s even pregnant because we never discussed things like that. I just assumed that she didn’t like kids so I was pretty shocked that she even wanted kids in the first place. She says she’s an open and honest person but truly she isn’t because she never really talked about her emotions, her thoughts, just her day to day life and how she can’t afford things (yet she goes & has a kid smart one) right now. So I’m not upset that I lost a penpal, I’m upset that she didn’t know me very well. And I’m upset that I didn’t even know her either. She thought of me as a closer person/friend then I really was to her. I think others are far closer as penpals/friends than she ever was. Anette for one and Jessica another and a few others.

Well we gotta go now.



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