Good Day Today,Bad Day!

Published October 25, 2008 by sadistickitten

Thursday, wasn't too eventful.  Tony didn't do as well as he would've liked at Foxwoods.  He came back and we slept all day long (he woke me up when he came in) because I needed the rest of my cold and he needed the rest because he missed Wednesday nights sleeping.  Which helped me because I feel MUCH now that I got all that sleep ^_^ I'm still pretty sick, but for the most part I'm much better.  I mean one moment I'm feeling good then the next I feel so sick again plus drained as hell.  That's why my letters have been taking a long time because I can write for an hour or so then after that I get so tired and need to rest/relax.  I'm also getting behind on my mail due to it, which sux and I am sorry but like I said I can't help it.

Today, Tony went with Daigle (his buddy) to help bring his rental car.  He just moved into a new condo in CT so he needed some help bringing the car back.  Tony was gone from 1pm to after 6pm helping him bring the car to various places.  I barely even spent time with him because I slept in late again because my cold is really loving me getting all this rest lately.  But at least Tony did tell me that he was leaving and he almost forgot that he had to go.  That would've been funny him not being ready when Daigle showed up.

While he was gone, we had a minor issue with the phone it wasn't working right (my scanner was working nonstop and screwed up the phone lines) I ended up missing like TONS of calls and normally no one calls us at all but everyone decided to call at the same time.  GESH!  Oh and   I'm here if you need me hun.  I know it's never easy going these situation, if you need someone to talk to you know where to find me.  Oh and thanks for the call it made my day. Sorry that the conversation wasn't better.  Hope that you had fun with your friend.  Make sure she takes good care of you. 

Mail day today was THE best!!!!  I got a bunch of packages as well as some letters (I'll update about all the letters that I've got tomorrow, tonight I'm too tired to do so) in the mail.  I got my Kuromi caboodle which I have already put all my makeup in (including the stuff that I won from various contests and stuff).  I threw out my old one too, now I won't have a dirty one anymore plus it'll be easier to clean it if it gets dirty YAY!  šŸ˜€  It's ultra cute as well, one of these days I'd love to get a new jewelry box but the one I have works until I find one that'll work better I'll keep this one.  I want to get a black one to match the one that I have, I'll have to keep an eye out for one.  I know they're not that expensive.  I also got in the mail "New Moon" I ordered it with my points from a survey place, I got it wicked cheap too (well for points that is).  I plan on getting the rest of them other than "Breaking Dawn" which I'll probably have to buy in the stores.  If you SAY anything about the "twilight" series and ruin the books for me, I'll be SO mad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working on  letter right now, I'm on page 4 at the moment I hope to finish it this weekend.  I'd say by tomorrow/Saturday but I don't think that will happen since it's already after 1:30am and I need to get some rest.  Plus the mail doesn't come till close to 2:30pm so I don't have that much time.  But I will get hers done as well as 2 other letters (I hope) by Monday. 

Take care all & have a good weekend.  *yawn* off to bed.



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