People Are So Pety

Published October 24, 2008 by sadistickitten

I put an article in a community I belong to, I was told by the moderator that I can put up ANYTHING about Palin. Well some bitch has to write “this is off topic” the fuckin' mod is saying “I think anything about Anti Palin is fine here so here I am getting an asshole harassing my comments when I'm just saying that I was right to post what I did in there. Well the fuckin' bitch keeps coming back with her stupid ass comments. She really needs to get over herself! If the mods agree then what's the problem with putting it up in the community? GGRR people suck!

Not only that but she's actually CHALLENGING the mod there! Ouch, you soo don't do that. That woman is awesome, she doesn't put up with shit. I already mentioned, if it's off topic then delete it you make the judgement call here. Why are people so lame? I mean fine be upset but do you HAVE to comment to say “I don't like this article” I mean NO ONE is asking or making her comment. She's doing it by her own free will. I think it's personally risky business to try to compete with the mod and say “look this isn't right here” bs.


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