Published October 24, 2008 by sadistickitten

I had another penpal remove me from their flist today, this morning in fact.  Seriously, if you want to get rid of me fuckin' tell me instead of being a loser and sneaking behind my back and deleting me.  It's not even worth me asking her "why" it's because I don't care to hear about her being pregnant. 

She was like (in the last letter), "well this is whom I am at this moment in time, I will talk about it" I'm like if you know that I don't like kids and that I don't care for kids, nor do I want any why would be SO rude and talk about them.  I told her in the last letter that I got from her I said well it's MY decision not to hear about you and her pregnancy.  I told her that I wouldn't know the type of person that she is that she won't talk about her time being pregnant and her kid.  So she's decided that from that, she won't be my penpal anymore.  Or she read my profile page (she's back on here again) where I wrote that I don't like kids.  I really don't care what her decision was but to delete me without even saying a word?  That's fuckin' rude and I would never do that.  I delete people from my flist that have NEVER update ever in their lives or ones that are no longer pals with me so why keep them in my LJ?  Some of them we just don't see eye to eye and they CLAIM that they are respectful of my decision to not have kids, I am totally respectful about others that have kids I just don't need to hear about them.  That's MY choice!  I don't mind a minor mention but to bring up every detail hell no!  Sorry just don't work that way.  Oh well, I sent her a message letting her that she should've came to me FIRST before just deleting me like that.  I'll probably never get a response but at least I took matters into my own hands right?

Ok now back to writing.  Oh on that note, I'm writing  's letter right now.


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