Hello All!

Published October 22, 2008 by sadistickitten

I apologize for not being around much lately but I have been rather sickly lately. So I haven't been online much at all, been too sickly to do much of anything.  What happened? Not sure all I know is that I got sick with a bad cold and ever since Monday I have been trying to get better.  It's a slow process but I'm getting there.  I'm not the type of person to let sickness stop me from doing things, I'm always pretty active.  I wrote a letter to Linda A tonight and it'll go out tomorrow.  I still need to write 3 other letters but they'll have to wait, I need a break right now and I'm too exhausted to think anymore.  My brain feels like it's not even there that's how sick I am. 

I have been reading entries just haven't been commenting, I do hope that my cold gets much better soon so I can comment on them.  If you are upset that I don't comment as much as I used to, I am sorry but things have started to get busy around here with things and then Tony's site is now picking up and now my cold that I just got (came back, had it but I thought it went away), well that's taking a toll on me too.  So yah I shall try to get to them. If you don't want to be my friend any longer because I don't comment on your entries as much anymore, then fine.  I use this as therapy (much cheaper I think, since I don't pay for mine anymore I have a perm. account), it's my way of getting stuff out that I have locked up inside or what not.  So if you feel that I am not suited as your friend, then fine so be it.  I'd hate to lose anyone in case you are wondering but I just wanted to let you know that.  And if Tony's situation keeps going like we suspect it will, then I'll be even more busy because I'll be taking over a lot more duties around the house as well as doing more things to help him out.  Just a warning that's all!  So if you think I'm busy now, wait till you see what happens in the next few months!

Lucky for me, it's mostly my nose that's all stuffed up my head no longer hurts so that's a good sign right?  I still feel like fluff is up there instead of my brain but at least it doesn't hurt as much.  I have come up with a few new icons that I will put up as requests soon, they're a package deal thing.  Took me a few days to work out the details on them but I've finally got them figured out.  Now I just need another freebie and I'm all set.  But with my cold my sickly self is so lazy lately so I haven't gotten my ass in gear to get that stuff done yet.  I shall I hope before the weekend.  But I think this is the one time that I can be lazy is when I've got a cold.

Other that that…

Saw my parents to celebrate their anniversary (which went by already this month) and we took them out to www.gardnerale.com Gardner Ale House for lunch.  Went in my dad's new car (yup another one again) they picked us up here.  We weren't even ready yet funny because we're usually always waiting for them.  I was sort of out of it when I talked with my dad about things, I remember trying to concintrate but I don't remember what he was talking about.  That's how out of it I was then, I'm not that bad anymore thankfully.  

Tony went to Foxwoods last night/early this morning to try to play poker.  He couldn't sleep (probably too excited about playing) so he went down there instead of sleeping.  He didn't do too badly but he made a few mistakes since he was rather tired.  Came home some time in the early morning and I was still sleeping.  I slept most if not all day today and man did I need it!!  I feel much better, now it's just a runny nose so that's much better.

Well I'm going to go now and play something since my brain needs some relaxing. Take care all.




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