Can You Believe She's Updating?!

Published October 18, 2008 by sadistickitten

I'd like to welcome  and  to my friends list, thanks for the adds guys ^_^ always nice to have new friends. 

Wow I just realized that I hadn't updated since before my anniversary sorry guys, if you've been reading it you'll know that things have been tough for me lately that's why I haven't updated in awhile.  Things seem to be getting better so I'm finally able to make a full update.

Our anniversary went very well (October 1st).  Went to Barber's Crossing North and the food was good, the service even better.  There was some distractions but on whole it was nice.  The place is huge and I had never been to the section that we went to.    It was really nice to celebrate it and dress up, it felt like date night and being married you rarely ever get to "dress up" and go out some place special.  Not that I want to go out some place special all the time mind you but once and awhile I like doing that.  Felt good to dress up and wear a pretty outfit, felt like a princess.

Been seeing Tony's buds (Diagle & Dave) regularly when Diagle is in town (right now he's in NC that lucky bastard I wanna leave there!!!!!!!) so it's been rather nice getting together with them to play poker, talk etc.  A few weeks ago we got together and went out for the Ocktoberfest that they had down the street and I wasn't drinking (I never or rarely drink, only with a meal or just after a meal if that).  I had a few waters so they were like "gesh jenn, you had to get the most expensive item on the menu."  They're cool guys and I really hope that they find a cool girl for them, I'm sure that they will.  No I am not hot for them, I LOVE my husband I just love hanging out with them.  We're getting together with them tomorrow night so it should be fun.  Haven't decided if I'm going to play poker with them yet.

A few weekends ago, we got together to celebrate my mom's birthday.  I had already made a cake for our anniversary so I used that for my mom's birthday get together.  I also made HK sugar cookies ^_^ for an early bday gift /Tony bought me.  My dad LOVES my sugar cookies and often brings me empty tins to say "fill this up with your cookies" I think it's rather cute.  Tried talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas (when to get together and all) but my dad wasn't having it.  Funny thing is, he talked with my sis about it already.  That's what pisses me off, it's ok to mention that stuff with her but when it's me they brush me off?  I plan on coming up with a time for Thanksgiving to see them and telling them this weekend.  I'll tell them my birthday plans (it's on a sunday perfect) when it comes closer to that time.

Of course my parents brought up Elizabeth all the time 😦 It's not that I'd mind but do I have to hear about my sis (my mortal enemy) all the time as well as my niece?  It gets really old always hearing about what she did, where she's going, how she's perfect and I'm not.  Apparently, my spoiled niece is taking horse back riding lessons because she has some mental or physical issue?  I don't know, my mom is hard to understand.  Before this, my niece had issues speaking and needed to get a speech coach to come to their house to help her out.  I feel bad for my poor niece, not only having my sis for a mother but it looks like she'll have a hard life thanks to her genes.  She's slow and I'm pretty sure she's got some sort of mental or physical problem that will affect her life greatly. 

My mom's arm is doing (better if you don't know what I'm talking about it's a few posts below this one) with her arm.  She still has no clue what is wrong with her (guess she lied to my dad & the phone call was a waste of time) arm yet, she THINKS it might be broken but she's not totally sure yet.   *grrr*

Went out to Target the other day to get the HK items in the $1 bin that I was told about from  they didn't have a lot of things there but I still got a few as well as few for someone's christmas gifts 😉   bought me a Hello Kitty stocking (I've been wanting this for soooo long now) and Hello Kitty snowglobe.  I posted the pics up at Hello Kitty Junkies (social networking site) for everyone to see.  Also picked up Hello Kitty 2008 collection ornaments of tiny ornaments (I LOVE these types of ornaments they're so cute & tiny).  Hubby gave it to me as an early christmas gift since he wanted his game early (it comes out next month).  He also gave me half for the Kuromi Caboodle Case that I posted the other day!!!  Woohoo!!!  Thanks hun I LOVE you *mwuah*

Today was my mom's birthday *happy birthday mom* and I called her earlier to wish her a happy birthday.  They're picking something up for us at Walmart tomorrow since I looked at Target for it but I couldn't find it.  I might have to go around cleaning the house with the vaccumm really quick before they come over.  I don't need bs that my house gave my mother issues with her allergies (she's allergic to cats).  We are going to the Gardner Ale House to celebrate my parents anniversary some time this week while my dad has it off.

Finished my letter to Colleen but of course I missed the mail person 😦 happens every time I have mail to go out.  I've finally updated  with all the updates on my mail.  I might have missed a few people that had mail that went out but if you're curious please feel free to ask me.  I also sent out a package to  so she'll be getting that by next week on friday or so.

Our internet was down for a long time today.  From 11amish to about 3pm or so hubby was freaking out since his work is indeed online and all.  I worked on my letters all day but we ate a late breakfast and an even later lunch so I missed the mail for the letter.  But it will go out tomorrow.  Well I got to go now, it's almost 2am and we have to see "the boys" tomorrow.  Night all.



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