These Are The Reasons When I Do Not Feel Like Making Anymore

Published October 13, 2008 by sadistickitten

*highly filtered post: DO NOT talk about this OUTSIDE of this entry*

I filled requests in for a freebie that I put up and some people were very happy for theirs but others…well they weren't so happy. No I am NOT complaining about the community here let's make this PERFECTLY clear. The community is awesome, I LOVE all the people there and the owners/moderators are awesome. I LOVE their work and they're awesome people.

My problem is that I got this comment, it just sent me over the edge and is the reason why I'm writing this up. She flat out attacks me saying that the blinkie is “blurry & the white isn't as sparkly as the others are” hers is over 10 boxes I mean what does she want? And how is that MY fault?! She requested it and it's MY fault that it's “not like the others.” I'm sorry but to go ahead and say that my work basically sux is wrong! If you want me to make for you again, don't say that shit. It's really rather rude. Another reason why I hate doing usernames because it just doesn't look the same when you go ahead and make it compared to someone who's name is shorter than others. I hate it how you put your love and care into something then someone has to shit all over it.

Besides that, why would you insult someone's work?! I mean clearly she doesn't want me to make for her next time. Insulting me is NOT very nice nor will it make me want to make for you ever again. It's not like I'm getting paid or anything to make these things for people (not yet that is) so why would you go and insult someone? I mean sure if it looked different or if I made a true mistake that's MY bad but I didn't.

It's not MY fault that you chose your username which is rather long, that's your fault that you did. So why are you being an ass about it?! I've made a bunch of blinkies with longer names/usernames and they all look funny because they're too long and should be a shorter name for it to look good. I just love it how she goes and says “thank you for this, I love it” then goes to insult as if it's ok as long as she says “I love it.” Clearly she didn't like it or she wouldn't have said “blah blah” about it.

I'm not trying to cause issues where they are none, but I've looked at graphic and compared to others and I see NOTHING wrong with it. The only thing is that it's longer than others but I see no other issues with it. I'm just beyond hurt here and I was nice enough in my reply I wasn't an ass like others are and say mean shit. I just told her that I'm sorry that she has an issue with my work, but I did the same as others and the way she wanted it done. I screened her comment as well as mine because I do NOT want issues started or drama. Next request she makes I'm going to ignore saying “you didn't follow the rules” I have that right, but actually this time she didn't follow the rules but I asked her to go ahead and fix it. That's another thing that drives me nutso. I put rules at the top and say SHORT & SIMPLE ones yet people fail to even either read them or bother looking. It's not like I had twenty things up there, I had like 2 or 3. Just a quick reminder of my rules that I posted when I introduced myself or the same that I use for the community.

Ughs, please once again DO NOT mention this outside this entry. I don't need people banning me again for complaining about members NOT communities. Thanks again for listening.

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