I Need A Favor

Published October 13, 2008 by sadistickitten

My mom sux, she just called to leave a message saying “hey jennifer, tony I need you to do me a favor it's rather important please get back to me when you get this message.” This woman thinks whenever she calls it's an emergency. *rolls eyes* If it's so important, why don't you call your favorite daughter and leave me the fuck alone? gesh!

Just because I didn't call you the other day doesn't give you the right to ask for a favor every other day or every other time that I talk to you. That's not how favors go and we already did your last favor last week that you asked. Why can't you just go away? My mom totally sux. And to top it off, I'm feeling like absolute shit today. I have a bad cough, sore throat, stuffy head, and I'm a bit dizzy. I took Dayquil but I'm still feeling icky & I even put on the HK humidifier to help make it less dry in here. Hopefully something works!!!!!!! Ughs, I'm off to eat some soup now, laters.

Why is that everyone has to call me at supper time? Do they not think that MY supper is important?! Gesh, get a life people. Besides, since my throat is sore I can NOT talk on the phone I can barely talk in real life no matter on the phone. It hurts to talk so why would I do that? I can't have ONE day where that veil woman can't bother me? UGHS, once again another week ruined by my evil mother 😦 Now I can NOT wait till my shows come on tonight.

EDIT: Tony called my mom back (since it hurts for me to talk) and she said that she needs help bringing an Avon box from outside into the house tomorrow. She can't do it because of her arm/wrist that she hurts/broke. That's not an emergency, it's urgent yes but it's not something that requires immediate attention. Gesh, that stupid woman!



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