Just When I Thought Things Were Getting Better…..

Published October 10, 2008 by sadistickitten

….this shit happens to me.  Seriously, I thought that things could NOT get any worse than they do.  I'll start from today and what happened earlier…..

Officially started my period today, it's been crampy and shitty.  To the point where I had to take my love during this time, my pamprin (I don't take midol because it bothers the living fuck out of me I HATE being groggy and knocked out).  Since I was feeling a bit better after taking it and eating some lunch, I decided to do the laundry.  The cramps were still there but not as bad as they were before the meds. 


"Made pizza" earlier and I was getting ready to take a shower after Tony was done with his.  Well the phone rang and it said "Alpha Gary" (that's where my dad's FIRST job is, he was THREE jobs and feeds my mom, himself, jason, my sis & Elizabeth yes Jason works but my dad still pays to for them too fucked up huh?) but I really don't like talking to anyone when I'm naked.  Weird I know but I feel voulnerable and uncomfortable talking to people while naked.  Plus, add the fact that it's my dad or any family member, well yah I feel even more weird.

I let it ring.  Tony gets out of the shower and I get inside (our shower is TINY so we can't take one together) and he goes to check the phone again.  The phone is ringing AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!  wtf?!  I'm thinking, seriously we have an answering people leave a fuckin' message!!!  If that's fuckin' important you know? 

Tony picks up and it's my dad again 😦 wtf?  I can NEVER take a fuckin' shower in fuckin' peace I swear.  There is always either someone upstairs talking too loudly (she runs a salon) or Tony playing his game too loudly, etc.  And today was NO exception.  Tony asks my dad these odd questions (from me hearing him) and then asks my dad "do you want to talk to her while she's taking her shower" wtf?  Why would you ask that?!  NEVER ask that question, just tell him that I'm busy and END the conversation.  New rule: When I'm in the shower, using the toilet do NOT tell people I can come to the phone those are the times when I AM BUSY/INDISPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So Tony hands me the fuckin' phone…….

My dad tells me this "your mother fell and broke her arm" I'm like "okay" and my dad goes "no it's not ok, Tony said the same thing" what the fuck do you want me to say?!  Seriously what is WRONG with people?!  Excuse me but you interrupt my shower to tell me my mom BROKE HER ARM!?  Are you fuckin' serious!?  I wanted to hear she was burnt on 90% of her body, she's in ER, she's in ICU, she's in the hospital not she just broke her arm.  Am I saying that it's not a bad thing, NO!  But to bother me while I'm taking a shower that's just rude!  I mean can I have some peace?  To top it off, my dad goes "Can you call your mother and talk to her because I won't be home till 7pm tonight to talk to her" why?  Why do I have to call and talk to my mom?!  She just broke her fuckin' arm.  She's not paralyzed for life, she doesn't have a job (I know, Jennifer you should talk. Difference, if there WAS a job around or if places would call me the fuck back I'd be working) so how is this soo horrible?!  I don't fully understand the issue here.

It's enough that I saw that fuckin' email yesterday from my sis order shit and NOW this!?  Oh I forgot to mention this, to add insult to injury guess what my dad says to "guilt trip" (which further made me poed and makes me realize that I will NOT indeed be calling my mom tonight for my dad's bs) into calling my mom tonight.  He said this wonderful line that set me over the edge "well I know that your SISTER knows about this already but you had no idea" *rolls eyes* to myself and I get further irritated and say I gotta go.  Oh my god!!!!  Is anyone else annoyed by his remark as I am?!

I mean he already knows how much I do NOT want to hear my sister's name or her mentioned in a conversation with them but yet they ALWAYS have to bring her fuckin' name up all the time just to haunt me or make me feel like once again the fuckin' bad child that I am to them.  Yeah I'm the bad daughter because I went and lied to you guys for fuckin' years yet you believe every little fuckin' thing she says?!  I'm sorry but no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I told my parents the truth to their face no matter what the consequences were I was upfront and honest like I am now.  But my sis would go behind their backs, move out without telling them, sleep in the same room with Jason on trips, lie about where she got the $ that she stole etc.  But I'm the devils' child in disguise.  Yeah maybe I am to them and no I'm not angel, I never claimed to be either.  I'm just not as bad as my sister is.  I feel that I am real person compared to her. 

The message my dad left was hiliarous!!!!!  He's like "Jennifer, Tony, PICK UP" well he knows that our answering machine is one where we can NOT hear you message.  It's voicemail through Comcast so yah we can't hear it to pick up.  It's not my sis' house so I can't tell that you are leaving a message til I see the blinking light or if I pick up and hear a beeping noise.

SO yah I am NOT calling my mom and I don't give a shit what he wants to say to me.  I'm not a heartless bitch either, if my mom was in the hospital, if she was sick I'd go and see her, call her but she's not.  She just broke her arm.  They give kids a cast and send them on their way.  I have never broke any bones in my body, but bruised and pulled every single one of them at least a million times.  Sure they were pretty bad but never a broken bone.  Maybe it's just because I'm poed that I had to be bothered from my shower but this isn't something that important to me.  Does this mean I'm obligated to call my mom to talk to her about her broken arm?  Hhmmm no, sorry it's not.  It's not like she's got cancer and is dieing here.  My dad was HYSTERICAL when he gave me the call.  I thought that my mom was dead or something like that from his tone of voice plus having to talk to me right away.  Besides, I don't have to listen to what my dad says because I don't live there anymore.  What is he going to do to me?!  Beat me?  (been there done that!)  Ground me?  Yeah I don't live there he can't fuckin' touch me. 

Why can't things be ok from now on?   GGRRRRRRRRR I swear this makes me want to go on a killing spree I tell you!



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