Published October 7, 2008 by sadistickitten

Hello all!!!  I just wanted to inform you that tomorrow I shall make a real update as well as read/comment on posts.  I have been reading along (some of you know this already) but I haven't been commenting that much.  I plan to do a better job of that either later tonight or tomorrow.  I really need to fill requests for my freebie in  right now since it's been awhile and I wanna put up a new freebie for others to request.  I sent out a letter to Maiju today and I hope to finish  's for tomorrow.

Take care all & have a good week!


PS: I SOO want sleeping beauty on dvd!!!  I would buy it but my parents get upset when I do so..guess I'll have to call them and ask them to add that to their ever growing list.  It came out today so they can get it pretty cheap no matter where they buy it from.  If they don't buy it for me, I'll see about getting a gift card/ecertificate from somewhere and buying it myself!  Long story why I love sleeping beauty.  Also, the friends only banner is just because I updated my layout with something that's more halloween like (had to change my icons too for halloween).


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