Published October 4, 2008 by sadistickitten


If I have NOT heard from you in over a month (2 people are excluded from this) I have decided that since you don't write that much to me I don't see why I'm pals with you. I'm getting rid of people that either don't write to me at all (odviously they don't want to be pals) or you barely write to me. I need to cut down on my penpals because money is tight so I figured that I'm getting rid of people whom don't write to me except for once in a blue moon. I won't say the people that I'm dropping (I think you know whom you are, don't you?) because I think that's a bit rude but I will tell you that it's at least 7 people.

Here is my ACTIVE penpals:

(if you're NOT on my list, then you have been dropped! We can still stay LJ pals because I really like to keep up with your life)

~megan c
~megan k
~1 person from HK site

I think 14 active pals are good for now, if the other 2 people don't pan out with being pals then the number will change. If the 2 at the bottom don't want to be pals after and stick with LJ I'm fine with that too just let me know.

I am sorry to do this but stamps are costing too much money to spent with VERY short letters or to people whom act like that they want to be pals but in return don't truly do because they don't bother getting back to me. A few people dumped me, I didn't dump them just so you know. Those people I have tried to ask them (or not because some of them just don't care) why they're not pals with me anymore but nothing came of it. I am sorry to do this but with money being tight, I NEED to have pals that I can truly trust. I get along with others but these are the ones that I feel that I would miss if they stopped writing to me all together. On that note, I'm currently working on Maiju's letter and then it's Aurora's letter that'll need to go out soon.

I hope that no one is mad about this, but these measures need to be taken since I can't afford a ton of pals anymore.

made by: amy/disposeabledoll (with help from this site)


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