Short Hiatus

Published September 29, 2008 by sadistickitten
I'm taking a short hiatus which will end next week.  If you don't see me around much that is why.  I need to do a lot of stuff this week for our anniversary plus I have to get together with my parents on Sunday so that means major cleaning job to be done so I don't have to hear my mom tell me how I should've cleaned better so she doesn't have an allergic reaction (she's allergic to cats).  I also need to make supper early (so all we have to do is warm it up) as well as get ready for our anniversary.  There's a lot that I have to do this week and I can't be online as much as I have been.  I also have to write my letters since I'm behind on them as well.  That's what happens when you have a life on the weekends. 

Comments will come next week since I don't have time for that this week and the requests for my communities will have to wait to be filled next week.  Things might change later on in the week but today it was crazy busy and hell so I don't see that changing.  Tomorrow I have to do a lot as well.  Wish me luck my anniversary goes well!  ^_^

Take care all. I'll be back next week.



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