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Published September 28, 2008 by sadistickitten

First I'd like to welcome  thanks for the add, can't have too many friends!!  Thanks again, hope that you enjoy yourself in my little word.

What's new with me?  I sent out a bunch of letters last week and now I have Voula's to write (hope to write that tomorrow) and Maiju which I just got on Friday but I've been in a little funk and a bit depressed (don't ask please, a lot has been going on that I just don't care to discuss) lately.  Of course my period is coming so that might be the reason and all. 

Anyone watching the new season of Heroes besides me?  Man, I'm excited and tomorrow is another episode very cool.  I promise that I won't say anything in case others either haven't seen the new season or they are just starting to watch Heroes from the beginning whatever the case, it's going to be good this season…at least I hope so ^_^ looks good so far.

This whole week seems like it was just one day where everything was one day.  Do you know what I mean?  Well that's how this week was for me.  It just seemed that it was one long drawn out day with barely any seperations in it.  Sorry that I haven't updated in about a week or done a project 365 but I've been busy doing other things. 

Been making really cool icons for my community.  I might do a special offer in here for them to be tagged them I'll put them in my gallery for others to request but you guys will get first picks.  I'm taking my time on them so I've only done a few so far but I like how they look and Tony's really been helping me out too.  I know that I've said that I wouldn't charge for icons but I'm thinking that I might do that (because we could REALLY use the $) since these take a long time to make but I promise I'll make them reasonable too.  I don't want to do that but these are really hard to make and they take a long time so I'll only charge those or the blinkies if others want to request them from me. 

My monitor has been acting up (another reason I haven't been here much, however I do check my flist almost every day) so I have been upset over it because I really didn't want to buy a new one 😦 but I broke down because it acted up again and changed the color of my pages.  Tony had to help me fix the color since I couldn't fix it for the light of me but he's already done research on the best one to get plus he's already ordered it.  He had to order his sis' computer parts (he's doing a good kharma thing & building her a computer she's paying him of course) so at the same time he ordered my monitor.  Nice to have extra $ coming in and once again I bought something that I needed instead of game (which is what I don't need). 

Finished both episodes of Strong Bad already and I'm waiting on the next one to come out next month.  They took less time then it took for me to get through Sam & Max so I'm kind of upset but yet proud of myself that I didn't have to look up hints as much as I used to in the past with S&M.  That feels good but at the same time I also wish it would take me longer.  Oh well, I'll know to not play it so fast next month and the next few months that it's out.

I also didn't update till now because there hasn't been too much to update about.  You would've been like "why the hell is she updating where there's nothing to say?"  That just doesn't make any sense if you ask me.  So yah it's better a pretty boring yet busy week. Hard to describe. 

Saw Tony's friend yesterday.  They came over at the last minute and didn't even give me time to put on makeup (I was in the shower when they called the first time to say that they wanted to get together) so they were over before I got to put it on.  I did get dressed however (had a minor issue after my shower of course because they were coming over I would have an issue) so that's at least nice.  We played poker and I took most of the boys money.  They gave me the most (which Tony being gracious, let me keep it all) since I had more chips and Tony & Diagle (Dave was already out by then, I took him out woohoo) slip the rest of the money.  Felt good for once to win at poker I gotta say.  I even changed the way that I played and I didn't even think too much normally I think far too much and this time I was cool and collective about it.  Maybe I should try that next time.

Quit playing poker early to go to the Ocktober fest @ Gardner Ale House that was going on Saturday.  We ended up leaving there since it was going to close in less than an hour to up the street to 24 which is a new place owned by someone that Tony & his friends know.  Plus it's open far longer than the other place was.  I didn't get any alcohol because I don't drink but they were making fun of me because of it.  We had a good time there, we had fun and I missed that.  I like hang out with guys rather than hanging with girls because guys are cool but girls tend to be catty at times (not all of them mind you).  So many stories to tell another time or day which I can't wait.  Dave's still lusting over Marne, it's rather cute but she's dealing with a divorce so she needs to deal with that shit first then worry about dealing with finding someone to date.  He got even funnier when he was drunk!  He was like "I should call Marne to find out what's up to."  *laughs*

Today, called my dad (couldn't do that yesterday since we went out) my mom in the backgroud was going "she was supposed to call yesterday and last night" yes I just explained to dad why I couldn't you moron!  *rolls eyes* My mom is such a bitch at times!!!  Anyhoo, talked with about getting together next weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday (I have most of her gifts, just have to check out storage for the others) and discuss how to cook a turkey as well.  I haven't told Tony about it yet but I'll let him know when he's not busy (which seems to be all the time).  Thanksgiving is going to be here for supper since they're going over my sis' house (shocker) for lunch.  Had a conversation with my dad that went well and the last time that I talked with my mom she said really nice things to me.  Sounds like she's changed/changing her mind about me not having kids.  Which is rather nice to have her turn around to accept it, now I just need to work a bit more on my dad. 

Well I really want to play my game before I go to bed to relax.  Take care all & have a good night.

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