Here's What I Don't Understand….

Published September 28, 2008 by sadistickitten

When someone just all of a sudden deletes you.  This person is a penpal of mine (which would have been nice if she at least EMAILED me to say hey it's not working out, so I'm going to get rid of you something like that) but no, she just deletes me and doesn't tell me why.  I'd ask her but she's the type of person who'd ignore comments or anything from a person.  The thing is, I don't understand what or why I did something wrong.  If something isn't working out with a penpal of mine, I got ahead and email them telling them so.  I don't just dump them and delete them from my journal.  Plus, it's not worth it for me to ask someone who clearly wants NOTHING to do with me in the first place to bother saying "hey why did you delete me" because she'd only tell me stupid things and I'd only get more upset.  I seriously don't understand people!!!!  If you have a problem with me, TELL me don't let me wonder!

😦 I still need to fill requests for   but I'm in NO mood to deal with that stuff right now.  I'll fill them tomorrow when I've had a night to think and sleep on this.  That is if I can get to sleep tonight (it's the week before my period and I always have a hard time sleeping because of it) so I'm off to play my game to relax.  I'm sorry that I haven't updated in awhile but I've been rather busy with things.  I'll update a real update after this.  Oh and this is a FILTERED post, I don't want others that might know her to say "hey she's a nice person" or something in case she's talking shit about me and I have no clue what she's saying since I can't read it and all.  😦 God people suck! 

Please tell me if you have a problem with me, don't let me fuckin' wonder what's wrong or just go "why did she delete me" just come to me FIRST and tell me.  That goes for any penpals, if you have a problem don't stop writing to me just come out & say it!

😦 ughs, I hate people.  No wonder I'm antisocial this shit always fuckin' happens to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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