Patriots Disappoint

Published September 21, 2008 by sadistickitten

This weekend my plan was to work on letters because I really need to get them done so that's what I did.  I wrote 3 letters, one that went out on Saturday, one that I finished last night (Megan C's) and  's which will go out tomorrow as well.  Meaning I only have one left to write to   read your letter the other night before going to bed but I haven't replied to it yet.  Finished Jessica's a little while ago or I would be starting yours but I need a break.  I've been writing letters all weekend long.  I'll work on your reply tomorrow ok?  

Played Strong Bad game that Tony bought me and I finished the first episode already but I missed out on a lot of things so I'm going back to do that stuff now before I rush and finish the next episode.  I haven't felt like playing it either so I'm taking a short break.  I really want Season 3 of Sam & Max to be out but they haven't even notified us of it being in production so I'm sure they haven't even thought of it yet.  They're probably too busy working on strong bad anyways.  It's different than Sam & Max I can say that for sure but not in a bad way.

Didn't mention this at the time but my sis' birthday went by last week.  I'm sure my parents already went over for her bday party (she always has like 40 people there and my sis is FIVE years older than me, why do you need EVERY person that you know come to it?  I mean come on grow the fuck up).  Well it's not that I wanted to remember but it's not like I'm going to forget her birthday this year at least.  Give me a few years and I shall, but this year it's too soon.  Just to compare, when I have my bdays I invite my parents and that's it!!  Last year of course included my sis (not anymore) & her family so that's 7 people compared to my sis who invites EVERYONE over (her sis, his side, friends, relatives that most people see only ONCE a year at christmas) because she's a gift grubber she HAS to have tons of gifts to make herself happy.  Compared to me, who only needs her family and a card to make her happy.  Or even cake or a hello kitty item ^_^

Why do I mention this?  I bring this up because I kept having dreams of her in it as well as I figured my mom would say something when I called her the other day.  I made an order at Avon (yes she sells avon) for an error proof mascara. Which is EXACTLY what I gave my opinion on awhile back for a product testing.  I like that because I make mistakes when I put on makeup, not ALL the time but a good amount of time and then I have to go and put cover up over it.  It's really annoying so I like that it's got that feature (yeah I'm clumbsy).  My mom was actually nice about things, our conversation was good too.  She didn't mention my sis or anything like that.  It was rather new and exciting. 

Oh another thing that made me go wow was that my mom said this when they were over last "well Princess is our grandchild" (it was grandparents day).  I was pleased and shocked by her saying that because they have NEVER before been behind me on my decision.  They say they're cool but their actions prove otherwise.  Oh and when I say my parents chose my sis over me, it's not really true.  They chose my NIECE over me.  Meaning if I have a child they'd be over here more too.  Which actually I'm glad that they're not over here more (even they are) because frankly, I don't need to see them every week or even talk to them every week or weekend either.

After seeing that HK cookie cutter (that's what was under the cut), I decided to ask Tony for it.  I was going to buy it myself but instead realize that my birthday's coming up (it'll be here in a few months) and this all I really want to have for it.  Plus, I found it on Ebay for like $9 something so that's pretty darn cheap compared to site where they want $12 for it.  It's up in 24 or so days so that gives Tony a little while to get it before it goes up.  I've always wanted one and I can use it for christmas cookies, easter cookies, birthday cookies.  I have a plan where I am going to use the HK cutter and have one on the top of the cake!  ^_^ I hope that it looks alright.

I've been making some graphics for  lately and I posted a new freebie just a few minutes ago.  I plan on having one up every week and filling it every week.  I know that I have to fill the requests from the other freebie but I'm waiting for more requests to fill it.  Oh and if you haven't joined then please feel free to, it's where I make my own graphics in my own community.  Made a few graphics just for myself (might put them up as freebies later) because sometimes I just like making things for myself that no one else has.  I'm weird like that I know.  I still need to figure out how to work Image Ready but I can't seem to figure it out 😦 God, why does that have to be confusing?  I wish there was a way that I could find a good tutorial online.  No rush Amber, I understand you got a lot going on, I just pick THE worst timings to figure things out.  She warned me that she'd be busy later but I had to be busy myself and couldnt' do it then.  Damn….

Watched the pats game earlier and it was just too depressing to keep watching it so instead we just went on our computers (or as I did, wrote my letter so I could get that out for tomorrow).  Man I was really sad about how terrible they were playing today.  I don't know if it's becuase of Brady being gone or what, but it just didn't feel the same. 

Heroes comes back tomorrow woohoo!!  Psych, Monk, & Burn Notice are all on hiatus right now but they'll be back soon in the winter time or January.  I can't wait for "How I Met Your Mother" that'll be on tomorrow as well.  YAY!!!  Is anyone else excited for those shows to come back on the air?!  Other than those shows, I'm watching: WSOP, It's always sunny, the soup, I love money (tony wants to see it, I can so tell it's scripted which is so lame), scrubs (seaon 7 comes out on dvd november), and true blood.  Turns out that we do have HBO (we get 2 networks free for a free with our subscription) so we get the on demand option which is how we've been watching it.  I like the show, I haven't read the book before but I can read them later.  I like it but I think the main girl needs to gain some weight she's looks tiny!!!  But that's just me. 

Well there's not much else going on.  I'm soo happy about our 3rd year wedding anniversary next month Oct 1st!!!  ^_^ It's probably nothing to others but to me, it's a huge deal!!!  😀  Well I'm off to play some sims or strong bad I haven't decided which.  Take care all & hope that you all had a good weekend.  I've taken out my "anniversary icons" since it's getting close and all.  I plan on putting up a couple freebie in the near future.  I'm pretty sure I know what to put up too.  😉


PS: I'll read/comment (read some entries already just haven't commented yet) on entries this week.  Shouldn't be too busy of a week at least I don't believe so. 

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