Why I Can NOT Wait To Own A Home

Published September 19, 2008 by sadistickitten

Gesh!!  I just got back from the laundry mat and EVERY time that I go there is always something going on with a bratty child.  Now there have been times when I've gone and there have been some REALLY good kids but that is very rarely either that I'm just not there when they are there. 

I haven't written up about this but this time I'm just very upset and angry about it so I need to get it out.  Ok so I went to put my laundry in the washer and the minute I got in there I could just tell that there were kids there.  I swear I have like this six sense for these things.  Anyhoo, I started putting things in and then I heard a girl screaming at the top of her lungs "MMMMMMOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY" so freakin' loud that I thought that she was screaming in my head!  I wasn't that far away from her but pretty good amount I'd say so I shouldn't have to hear it that loudly or that much either. 

The minute that I heard that I wanted to run out of there but I really needed to do the laundry so I guess I had no choice.  She didn't stop either and her mother goes "Laura cut that out" yes say that AFTER she's been screaming your name for the past few minutes.  You're a wonderful mother.

Please note these things, the little girl was on the top of folding table part where you fold your clothes before you leave (I can walk there so no need to do that, plus I freak out about diseases being on there so I'd rather not).  The thing is that this girl could have fallen and killed herself.  Not that I'd care mind you (sorry I don't like kids) but still the point being is that why was she up there in the first place?  Why does the mother think this is an ideal spot for her daughter to be?  I mean the girl is tiny, there is NO way that the little girl got up on her own. 

Plus when I went to get some quarters, (which just happened to be RIGHT next to the brat I might add) the little girl kept looking at me weird.  I don't like it when kids look at me, it makes me nervous already more than I already am around kids.  So yah that was my day so far and I have to go back there to put the laundry in the dryer.

UGHS.  😦

I hope this made some sense because I'm pretty poed at the moment so I'm not sure if all of it makes a lot of sense.  Thanks for listening though.  

Take care & have a good weekend.



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