Why Aren't All Yogurts Alike?

Published September 17, 2008 by sadistickitten

First I'd like to welcome

 to my journal, thanks for the add.  Always nice meeting new people.  I know that I need to read/comment on posts but it won't be today.  Why?  Well I just had a different brand of yogurt than I'm used to and I got sick from it.  Yeah I can't eat certain brands because of the way that they make them and I got a different/new brand to me and I well threw up.  😦 Sorry if that's too much info but I just did.  Tomorrow we're going to go out and get my normal brand.  Tony was sweet he's like "you don't have to eat it if it's making you throw up."  Grocery shopping tomorrow I guess.

Went to the dentist the other day, they set up an appointment to fix a chipped tooth that is starting to have tooth decay 😦 ops or they'd wait longer but they want to get that fix asap.  The appointment was actually nice for once, and the lady was either REALLY nice today or she's not the same woman that we normally have.  She did go "so you're 29 right?" I'm like yup I sure am.  She's like *inside accent here* "you don't look 29 you look much younger.  Are you sure that you are 29?"  I kept telling her yes I am, and that I hated it when I was younger to be told that but now I rather enjoy it.  Plus, I don't act my age either *laughs* I act how I feel and I don't what age that is but it's not what others consider in their late 20s.  I tend to act however I feel.  But she gave a bunch of compliments saying that my teeth look really nice, that my gum aren't receeding (they're actually pretty perfect), plus that everything else looks good and I do a good job of taking care of them.  The only down thing was the chipped tooth (that's from having either bad night guard: I grind my teeth or not having one at all) and I need to floss at least once a day.    All in all, it was a good visit!!  She mentioned about getting xrays but I told her no because they ALWAYS try to get xrays with me.  Good thing I said no because the insurance wouldn't have paid for it since it hadn't been 6 months yet.  ^_^

Haven't been reading much lately because I've been working on my letters to people and playing Sam & Max: Season 2 (yes I did already play it but the dvd came in the mail the other week & I wanted to play it again) so I haven't felt like reading much or I've been too tired at the end of the day to read it before bed.  I read a little bit of it when I went to the dentist office but every time I bring my book I have ZERO amount of time to read it.  However, whenever I don't bring it that's when they are backed up and take forever me to get in there.  Isn't that just the oddest thing in the whole world?  I don't get it either.

Speaking of Sam & Max, Tony bought me "Strong Bad's cool game for attractive people" for our anniversary next month.  I bought him 2 magazine subscriptions (since it makes the price fair that way) for what else?  Pokah!  ^_^ 2 different ones of course so that's cool.  We always buy each other anniversary gifts.  Which I think is rather neat idea!  I called about the reservations and because it's only 2 people they don't take reservations for 2.  I know now at least.

Called the docs office and got my annual check up/pap smear scheduled (icky I HATE going to the docs with a passion) for December.  Yeah I was like what?!  But oh well hopefully there isn't too much snow at that time.  I still have to call them about a flu shot, or a flu nasal spray if I don't then I tend to get the flu so I'd like to avoid that.  I know they have it in October some time and I don't want to miss out.  At least I've got all that stuff out of the way. 

Penpals I just updated [info]jenns_pals today with all the letters that I've got.  Next is [info]kameko's letter and I should have it done tonight.  I finished  'sletter and it went out today(missed the mail person yesterday).  I'm amazed the mail person took it because I put it in a big envelope (because of the stuff that I told you that I was going to invclude) and they typically HATE picking them up and will often leave them in my box for days til I just bring it to the post office myself. 

Well that's about it, I'm off to play my Sam & Max.  My stomach still hurts from getting sick earlier.  Have a good night.  I might not get to your letter tonight hun I don't want to throw up while writing it.  I can't think to write.  Take care. 





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