Another Day, Another Dollar?

Published September 12, 2008 by sadistickitten
Would like to start out by saying welcome to[info]miss_ally08
 a fellow New Englad/Boston fan, always nice to have another friend. Thanks for the add!

Last night, I had my foam pillow upside down *laughs* yeah Tony showed me this morning that it should be the other way around ops!!  So hopefully tonight I shall sleep better.  Not that I didn't get sleep but my back and neck were killing me this morning!!  Tonight I plan on having it right way so I won't wake up sore again. 

Since I had such issues with my pillow, Tony said that he'd take me to Walmart to pick up the other stuff that I needed to get that Target didn't have.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any strapless corset bra however I did get the corset from Target the other day (want it special for our anniversary, I don't really need it but it'll help *wink*) but at least now I have a strapless that fits and looks better.  My other one didn't stay up correctly (when you have a big rack like me, you need something that will stay put.  Plus this one is nice because it can be easily moved into a halter top style).  Now I don't look whorish, I look sophisicated and classy which really makes it better.  Just have to figure out if the shirt goes with a skirt or not.  If not then I might wear another shirt so I can wear a skirt.  I also picked up an orange bunny shirt (see project 365 for today) and we got some stuff for the house.  Then we grocery shopping and picked up some things there. 

Personal note: I put on my jeans (ones that I bought a little while ago to replace other ones that shrunk in the wash & were old) today and they sagged.  I mean REALLY sagged, normally they sag a bit but this time it was like I was one of those gangsta girls or boys showing off their underwear only in my case I didn't want to show off my underwear so I have to use a belt which is rather funny but I love it.  So I've definately lost weight, eating better and working out is REALLY helping (plus having my period helps too, burns a lot more calories than I normally do when off of it).  I'm so proud of myself because I am not doing anything bad.  I am trying my hardest not to be anorexic, it's a struggle every day but I push myself to eat right.  I don't eat my yogurt every day (which I now find yummy, I'm getting used to it now I think) but I try to do it every day some day I forget but I need that to keep things away (womanly issues) and it also helps to keep me eating better.

I also broke in my new generic crocs (they are OH so comfy more so than the real ones that I have).  They match my pink shirt perfect!!!  ^_^ Which is funny because whenever I put down any of my new shoes, or shoes in general princess likes to sit on top of them, it's rather funny and cute.  You can totally tell that she's a woman because she likes shoes. 

Made my graphics for the birthday girl today, I need to make more for tomorrow since there's another birthday tomorrow (I put it in my yahoo calendar, thanks to  for the idea) but I can work on that tomorrow right now I don't feel like making anything.  I also made myself a few icons that I really like including the one that I am posting with, I'm offering it in   after this post since I really like how it came out.  If others don't like hello kitty, they might like this one since it's rather girly.  I'm funny because at times I hate pink other times I like purple.  Plus I like dark pink the best, I don't really like lighter pink colors.  Lighter pink colors are too pink to me. 

I haven't written a letter today but tomorrow Tony's got his poker event finale where he's going to try to win the prize so I'll be able to write my letters then.  I hope to finish at least 2 letters so they'll go out Saturday later on in the day.  I'll make the graphics later on in the day instead of the beginning of it. 

Well I'm off to watch my season finale of psych.  Take care all.

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