Avon Rocks My Sox!

Published September 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

Bought this:
London Brilliant, fashion-forward shades balanced with utterly proper neutrals. Features matte-grape and shimmery blush shades for eyes and a peachy-pink shade for cheeks. Flip the palette around for four lip tints, ranging from matte mauve to shimmery pink.

shop.avon.com/shop/product.aspx  in case you wanted to check it out

london one because I needed to spend $20 or more and I needed new eyeliner.  All the other eyeliners I've bought just don't work that great and I hate to buy one that just doesn't work right and mark! from avon is SUPER thin applicator which is what I need.  Plus, when you purchase this kit, you get brushes for free.  Who can't use brushes?  I have some but I can always use others.  ^_^ I found makeup that works for me so I should stick with what works right?  I like avon's mark! becuase it stays on my face good and everytime I wear it my husband loves how I look and it's light on my face so that's an added bonus.  😀 


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