Long Over Due

Published September 9, 2008 by sadistickitten

Sorry I haven't written an update in a little while I'll try to do my best to write on up at least every other day since some days you just don't have anything to say.  I dont want to piss off some of you guys from reading if I write too long of an entry all the time.   

I haven't been commenting on my flist but I do know that a few people have written up entries (read/skimmed through entries already) and I'll get to them when I have some more free time which seems to be taken up by either writing letters or cleaning.  I'll do my best to get to them this week for sure.  We don't have too much going on the rest of the week (or so I believe) so it shouldn't be too difficult. 

Saturday we went to the mall so I could exchange my slippers that I bought (dr schools ones) because they were too big and the big toe was digging into it as well as they weren't comfortable.  I hate going to the mall on the weekends especially after school has just started because there were far too many people there for my own liking.  *blah* But I made the best of it. 

Tony stayed in the car because he didn't feel like shopping so I got to go it "alone" which hasn't happened for me in a long time (I would've driven myself since I have a license but I'm not on the insurance & that's helping to save some $) so it was rather nice to do stuff on my own for once.  Not that I don't like going to the mall with him, it's just nice to have shopping experience without the other person begging to leave after we JUST got there. 

After exchanging my slippers, I headed over to Claire's and I must admit that I bought a hello kitty ring & a hello kitty halloween basket but they didn't cost that much so I didn't go too crazy either.  I couldn't pass up the cute HK basket (can fill it with candy for halloween) plus having the extra $ from Tony paying me back (some of it that is) as well as getting $ in from unemployment really helped.  The other stuff that I've bought, they will be worth it with all the use that I'll get out of them.   Checked out Kay B Toys (they usually have HK items in there) and there was an older woman with a baby carriage/stroller who could NOT be considerate and move it out of the way.  SO I had to go in front of it to get into the door.  That lady gave me such a look like she was worried about me taking her baby (think it was her grandchild, the lady looked far too old to have such a young one but I could be wrong) which is rather funny because I'm the last person that she needs to worry about that happening.  Then I decided to leave, I would've checked out Hot Topic but I didn't really want to spend more $ and I wasn't feeling it so I felt.

Sunday we saw my parents.  They were a bit late but they did call to tell us that they would a bit later than 4:30pm but we knew this that's why we made sure to put it at that time instead of 5pm which is when we did want to eat.  You have to do that with my parents or you will be eating at like 6pm or later.  Had a nice time, they enjoyed the food (made shephards pie) and we talked. Amazingly we didn't talk too much about my sister at all or their family.  When I talked to my parents on Saturday about when to get together (didn't see Daigle he decided to fly to NC earlier), I heard my spell (yes I'm 29 years old and my mom still spells things) p a r t y for my sis next weekend.  Yeah my stupid sis' birthday is coming up and as if I could forget it they wanted to remind me.  *rolls eyes* Does she think that I can't spell?  Or that I couldn't care less if she has any party.  I don't want to be there anyways so it's not like I'm missing out at all.

Monday Tony went to get my mom's computer and updated it with new updates.  Guess the computer was still acting up so he had to get a battery for it which is what we did today.  He put it in while I put away the laundry.  Today, man!!!  It was pouring like you wouldn't believe!!  My pants, shirts and shoes were SOAKED to the bone!!!  That's how bad it was outside.  All from the effects from the hurricanes, isn't that crazy?  I'm further inland here in MA but I still got the effects, that just baffles my mind.  Went to Gardner Ale House for the first time ever and it was nice. 

Their hamburgers were great and guess what [info]jago_1980 it was the way that I ordered it!!!! I couldn't believe it, every place seems to screw up the simpliest thing in the world my hamburger.  SO yah that totally impressed me plus it was one of the best hamburgers that I've ever eaten.  We did decided not to go there for our anniversary because it isn't that fancy enough.  Not saying that it's not a nice place to go to when you want something to eat (their prices were reasonable but the service not so good, she really wasn't very attentive to us) but not where you want to celebrate a nice event. 

So we're going to Barber's Crossing North  http://www.barberscrossing.com/  for our anniversary since that place is really nice.  I might see about making reservations just to be sure that we can get in.  It's not till October 1st but it's always good to place ahead and it's a Wednesday so I don't see how it could be that busy on that day but still you never know.

Well I need to write my letter to [info]twistedfae now so I'll let you go and get to her letter, I want it out for tomorrow.  šŸ˜€ Take care & have a good week.  Hope everyone's staying dry, I'm trying to ^_^ We've got more rain coming later this week too.


by: [info]arsenicandtea



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