Hot & Humid Day

Published September 5, 2008 by sadistickitten

God, it's freakin' terrible lately!!!  It feels like it's mid July instead of September.  I feel bad for the kids going to school right now, I remember being in school at this time and I hated how hot & humid it was I just wanted to scream!  We didn't have a/c classrooms growing up, we just sweat it out 😦

My husband thought it was a good idea to take out the a/c the other week because it had been cool outside so he figured that summer was over.  *ha ha* I knew better but you just can't agruee with men when they have a plan in their heads so I just went along with it.  The past few days have been extremely hot, my allergies are killing me so I've been begging him to put the a/c back into the window.  Finally today after feeling like I was going to die (having a period and sticky weather will do that to you) from the heat and couldn't take it any longer, I broke him down.  We put it in and I'm loving it again, it's not fully cooled the room/house down but at least it's improving.  That's why I haven't felt like writing letters, making graphics or anything.  With it being so darn hot I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping (hard to even do that) or just watching tv in front of the big ass fan.

Still haven't heard from Daigle yet about what time that either Tony's seeing the guys or we are (not sure which way that they want to go, if they want a "guys night out" I won't agrue I'll stay in and have a "girls night in" by myself) and it's already Friday so I'd assume that we're hearing from them pretty soon at least by tomorrow. 

Called my mom and told her the update on the situation. She told me that they could only get together on Sunday because something about a hair dresser's appointment.  It truly amazes me how my parents can take ONE single thing that everyone does and turn it into a whole day event.  *rolls eyes* Their hairdresser comes over to cut their hair, I can't stand the woman because she pulls my hair and calls me mean names.  Why do you want someone like that?  I actually don't blame her husband for leaving her because she's truly a bitch.  Mean I know but you don't know this woman to say this or that!  No matter, if we see Daigle on Sunday then I've got another week to clean and organize the house before they come over so that's nice too.

Since it's been soo hot lately, I've been slacking on my letter writing.  I'm sorry about that I just didn't feel like writing and with the first few days of my period (they're always sooo bad that I feel like the devils' taking over my vagina or knives are in there trying to kill me) being bad I just couldn't consintrate on anything else then.  I hope to work on letters this weekend to catch up.  I'm not really that behind either, I've got 3 or 4 letters to write so it could be worse.

Working on some freebies for [info]sadistic_treats I just haven't put them tottally together yet but I should soon.  I have the idea worked out just not the actual thing but thanks to my hubby's help I came up with a cool name for it YAY.  As soon as things cool down here I shall get started on graphics and fill the small amount of requests for them too.  Oh and if anyone has any ideas on how I should get more members let me know.  I was thinkng of doing a contest type of thing but I don't have the extra $ to give people paid LJ time. I might see if I can make them special gifts for reaching a certain level. The only problem with that is that I don't want a lot of people there and I also don't want just anyone to join. 

Did the laundry earlier today we had like no towels left!!  Crazy!!!  Been doing the laundry lately without Tony's help because I feel bad having to ask for help when he's got a lot going on with his site as well as other things are on his mind and what not.  The laundry hasn't been exactly light it's been rather heavy to walk down there all the time to do by myself but it helps with my muscles to make them strong so that's always nice.

Well I feel icky and sweaty after taking care of the laundry and putting the a/c back in.  I am off to take a shower.  After that, I'm going to write my letter to Colleen finally.  I won't say when it'll be done but I'm taking my time that's all I'll say.  Take care all and have a good night.  PS: Yesterday I didn't update because there wasn't really anything to say about stuff. It was too hot and I didn't do anything to thrill you other than I made spagetti meatballs YUM! 

Good night & have a good weekend.  Any plans?


by: [info]kandysmindfreak



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