Published September 3, 2008 by sadistickitten

God, I swear I am SO very sick of backstabbing bitches!!!  So from now on, all my personal entries will be put on filter.  Nothing happened in my LJ but something happened in another person's LJ that I have on my flist and now I don't trust her or the people on her flist.  I won't get into it but just know that from now on, I won't be putting anything personal in my comments to certain people's entries.  Put it this way, if you can read this entry (which is actually HIGHLY filtered by the way), then you not the person that I'm talking about.  Just made me realize that I need to be careful with what I let others see. 

Oh and there might be a few people deleted from my list that I feel that I can't trust.  If you are one that can read this, then NO you're not getting removed.  Please be nice and NOT talk about this outside this entry.  Since I've had these people on my flist for awhile and they have YET to comment on any entry, not updated their LJ in awhile (either that or these bitches are lurkers aka watching me to see what I write about stuff), and just plain talk shit about people behind their backs.  I'm sorry if you are friends with people that I might be cutting but I won't be posting x or x has been cut, I'm just doing it and not thinking about it.  I shouldn't have to feel that I can't write what I want to write in my own fuckin' journal.  People don't like it, tough shit stop talking shit about me assholes or talking about others.  That's sooo pathetic.  Grow the fuck up!

Now back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress….




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