Another Day In The Life Of Jenn

Published September 3, 2008 by sadistickitten

Good evening all, hope that everyone had a good day today.  I'm going to try to make updates pretty much every day instead of making them every few weeks or so (plus it makes less for you read in the end) but I won't write an update if nothing really happened.

Last night, I couldn't sleep (this always happens around my period so I'm not shocked by it) so instead "made pizza" *wink, wink, nod, nod*  took yet another shower (took at least 3 showers yesterday) and then went to bed.  This time however, I got much more sleep than I did the other night.  So that's good.  Went back to bed again after dealing with princess jumping on me wanting love in the wee hours again.  😦 note to self: shut bedroom when hubby's not looking (he likes to leave it open for her to come in "visit us." Which I call wake us up to feed her time).

My allergies are still bothering me which is why I hate the fact that we've got summer like weather out and we took the a/c out of the window (hubby's idea) already.  Ughs, I soo can't wait for the fall weather to come because my allergies are driving me batty.  Which is another reason why I'm soo darn tired lately (add my period, which drains ALL the energy out of me to me….you've got a groggy person).

Headed to the mall because the hubby promised me today that we would go and the sale ends soon b1g1 so I didn't want to miss out on that (plus I got a coupon YAY which also expires soon).  Walked around to a lot of places since we both felt like walking and stuff, plus it had been awhile since I had a real "shopping spree."  I really didn't go that crazy at all, I just picked up a few things that were either on sale or stuff that I needed.

Famous Footwear:

Finally got myself COMFY sneaks that felt like I was walking on air ^_^ YAYness

YAY for ballerina flats that are cute but also fit AND I like ^_^  aren't they cute?  LOVE the patent leather shoes.

THE comfest slippers ever, too bad I need a size bigger 😦 OPS.  These were an "impulse buy" because I saw them at the register and I was ooooohhh I gotta get these!!!!  ^_^ Tony's fault really!


Also bought lip balm since my lips are chapped again 😦 EVERY time I don't wear it at night!

every time I see these, I think of my grandfather and I kept seeing these a bunch of times and FINALLY decided fine grandpa I'll buy them ^_^ he was trying to tell me something I mean it (ps: my grandfather LOVED these, he got me on them!)

Steve & Berry:

They're going out of business so I wanted to see if I could find some cute shirts ^_^

Tony picked this out, he liked it!

HAD to buy this, plus it made me think of   wrote with in a letter (guess I follow her a lot huh?) *laughs* it came with the free sticker!


My period was actually acting up when we went but I wanted to get it out of the way since I didn't want to deal with doing it tomorrow or waiting till Friday when I knew too many people were there.  I like to go places when it's pretty empty or less people there because frankly I don't like crowds.  I was good, I did NOT go into Claires' since I knew going in there I'd want to buy some HK stuff.  I'm so proud of myself, I said no.  It's doing much better now so that's nice to only deal with my allergies and not anything else.  😀

Took today off of writing letters, sorry but with my period and allergies driving me nuts (it's so bad that I can barely breathe right now) that I just don't have the patience for writing letters.  I hope to write them tomorrow (should be doing better, and the weather is actually going to be cooler so that'll help a lot) so I'm not ignoring people or anything just need a day or 2 to get myself back to being myself again.  I'm not totally saying that I hate my period because I'd rather have it then EVER deal with the alternative. 

Well I'm off to play my sims to relax.  It's been a long day and I need something to calm me down before going to bed.  I'm excited because my 6 sims have all graduated and now they're in new homes ^_^ working on getting them all settled in.  Yes you can say it, I'm a huge dork.  I don't mind, I like being a dork ^_^

Take care & have a good night.

by: me


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