My Reasons Why I Can't Stand Her

Published August 31, 2008 by sadistickitten


I do NOT want children and I've known this since forever now.  Don't ask me what age or whatever but growing up I knew pretty early that I didn't want them from certain situations that happened in my childrenhood to confirm to me yup no kids for me.

I saw a few posts today and these things came to my mind when I read a post that someone made about video games.  Well here's what my sis said (another reason why I dont' associate with her anymore):

My sis (who's a breeder I might add) got a magazine (apparently somehow went to her instead of me, don't ask me how but it did) with a little girl with blood all over her body.  My sis said that she's going to call the magazine company to complain about children being "used in this manner" as well as calling the makers of the game to complain about using the child this way.  Children should NOT be playing such games and blah blah blah.  She went on for a HALF AN HOUR about how children shouldn't put into games where there is killing plus kids should not be playing these games etc.  As if she was the saint of all saints (ha yah right, she's a saint and I'm santa fuckin' claus) complaining about how horrific these games are for children to play.  Wtf? 

Seriously, these games have ratings on them.  And young kids should not be playing them and if game makers want to make games where kids get killer or they are a killer or they have blood on them so fuckin' be it.  Why does it matter?  The game isn't for her nor would the game makers care if she called to complain about their games.  She's the type of moo that I can't stand.  All she does it talk about how poor children are getting hurt and bullshit.  Yet she's the one who's not bringing up her child right.  What do I mean?  Well she's not making sure that her child is disciplined whenever my niece I have to tell her "no, don't do that put that down" as if her parents who are right beside me I might add can't even say ANYTHING?!  

Then they yell at me for disciplining their child.  What's even worse is when they go on and on about "how you don't understand Jennifer, you don't have children" I swear if I hear that fuckin' line again I'm going to chop of some heads.  I mean seriously here, just because I dont' have children doesn't mean that I don't know what's right or wrong.  What's even funnier to me is that when other adults that have children of their own (not currently but they're out of the house like me) my sis & bro in law still say to them "don't tell me how to raise my child" well someone has to or you'll have another adult with ZERO manners and be just another brat that you see in this fucked up world already.  But yet I'm the wrong one here?  

Just a little background for you, my parents do NOT approve me of not having kids.  And since my sister had her evil spawn, things have just gotten worse for me.  All they do now is talk about how wonderful she is, how she did this or that.  As if there is NOTHING else in this world but her.  Whenever I try to ask them how THEY are doing, they come back with how my NIECE is doing.  My sis & I don't talk (that's a long story) so them further bringing up them makes my blood boil.  I don't feel that my sis should've had kids because she is on the stereotypical people out there that had kids when they have ZERO money coming in (ok her husband works but she doesn't).  She told me before she was pregnant that they were having money issues so just add on the baby and now you're in major trouble.  So I'm sure she's living off the gov't some how with money coming from them since she isn't working.  They also get money, food, clothes, etc. from EVERYONE in my whole entire family but me.   Another thing that you should know, my sis came over for my birthday party last year (of course her child was trying to eat from my cats' dish, drink her water, fool around with things & try breaking them) when I was sick of my niece being this bratty evil child, I just lost it.  Then she got mad me for "not babyproofing the apartment" wtf?  WHY do I need to babyproof my apartment when I don't babysit (do you blame me?), nor do I want kids?  Hello?  Make sense woman!  I told her that she needs to tell her no more and she's like "well that's what I've been doing but you keep yelling at her" nope I wasn't yelling I just said like I tell my cat "no" but with some authority unlike my sis who just says no in a sweet way.  GGRR I swear I hate breeders, babies, and everything child like. 

I know that not everyone hates children/babies & parents but I do.  I won't be ashamed to admit it either.  A lot of people are turned off by that and because of my "no child ways" I'm the black sheep of the family and no one wants to deal with me or even see me.  Which is actually find for me because I don't care to see people that don't respect my wishes.  My parents say that they don't mind me not having kids but they totally act different.  Now that my sis had a child, you'd think the pressure would off of me to have one but it's not.  If so, it's worsened because my sis and mom once said to me this "you know, Elizabeth should have someone to play with" sorry let her play with herself.  When I was a child, my sis was never around (oh my sis is 5 years older than I am and I'm 29) so I had to play with myself all the time.  Let my niece do the same.

Thanks for listening and I hope this was understandable to read.  I just needed to get that off my chest.  I can't stand my sister and ALL that she represents.


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