Project 365: Day 151

Published August 15, 2008 by sadistickitten

Took a shower, finhished my old body wash & I'm currently trying suave (it's cheaper plus it smells nice) extra dry skin because this adds moisture while Dove is nice but it doesn't add any moisture which I need *it says adds moistuer but tell that to my dry body*

I'm writing 

's letter right now but I'm taking a break right now.  I'll do my best to get it out as soon as I can but my show starts in an hour and after that I've got my other show.  I'll comment on entries (I've been reading but not commenting much, which I'm sure you'll notice) when I get some more free time.  Hell, I was supposed to call my grandmother YESTERDAY but after all that I had to do these past 2 days I haven't been able to call her so yah that's how busy I am.




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