Project 365: Day 148

Published August 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

Bought this cute whip away board for the fridge the other day when we went to Target (1 because well it's hello kitty & 2 it's also useful to write notes on it 3 I have ALWAYS wanted a board like this because I think it's very useful and doesn't waste paper) and every day I wake up with a messge from Tony awe isn't that cute?!  Anyhoo, this morning it was this.  That's supposed to be a caricature of himself is rather cute but I don't think he has that big of a nose (he's italian yes but doesn't have a big nose like that).


My mom called this morning while I was sleeping (yes I slept in late due to not getting much sleep lately and sleeping on my arm again that is REALLY frustrating the hell out of me) to say that I needed to call her back it's about my grandmother.  Tony played the message while I was in the shower so yah I didn't exactly get a relaxing shower 😦 that realllly doesn't help to start out my day good at all.  

Called her back after getting dressed and I found out that my grandmother's in the hospital again apparently she had the same problem that she had before which is she had a UTI that went through her whole system (actually NO ONE told me that last time so I was like huh?  That's what happened?  Nice no one tells me shit I swear).  Because I was paranoid with lunch guess what I had?  Yup, cranberry juice I haven't been having it that much lately and that was my wake up call.  We didn't go see her today becuase we're both feeling like shit so I didn't want to go when I felt this way.  My nose is all fucked up and blocked (allergies?  cold coming?  no clue) and my throats itchy as hell.  I might end up going in the next day though.

Working on

's letter right now (will be after I get off the computer in a few mintues that is) and that should be going out tomorrow as well as a letter to

 since I had that letter for a little while but didn't update

 because I had a lot going on and well it slipped my mind (yes I'm very forgetful in case you didn't know that but now you do).  I can't access gmail right now so I can't notify

 that I got her letter today because gmail is currently down 😦 sorry all if you're expecting a comment or email from me but I can't access it so I can't help that.  

Well I need to get going now and write my letters. 



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