Project 365: Day 147

Published August 9, 2008 by sadistickitten
Silly Princess she's on Tony's bureau ^_^ looks like from this view she's trying to smell his cologne!!!!  She's been a few silly places today but this was the cutest.


Currently working on Sanni's letter at the moment, should be out for Monday (I'll make sure of it) I plan to finish at least 2 or 3 letters this weekend since I'm far behind.  I'm exhausted as hell (won't get into that till the official update) but I'm doing my best to get through the letters since they're slowly piling up on me.  Please understand that I'm trying my best.  I haven't updated 

 with all the new letters that I've gotten but Monday when mail goes out, I shall update what I've recieved in the past few days.  Sorry been busy with other things so I've been distracted by that.  Oh and requests for 

 will be filled soon too probably when I need a break from writing letters.



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