Form To Fill Out

Published August 8, 2008 by sadistickitten

*Graphics Filter*

NOTE: Yes I have done one of these in the past before, however there are new people to my journal *waves to the newbies* that I would appreciate if they'd fill out this form for me so I know all their imformation as well. Plus I'm going to make another post (if you've already filled this one out no need to fill that one out as well) for that information so I can keep track of birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Thank you for everyone that posted that they'd like to be put on my graphics filter, I apprecaite it. If you are on this filter and you want to be removed, please comment saying so other wise you're on here for life *hee hee* just kidding guys ^_^

Oh I don't have kids so I'm sorry but I don't make kids graphics.

Number of boxes:
Significate Others Name:
Number of boxes:
Significat others birthday:
What do you want for graphics:
Do you like hello kitty y/n:
Do you like sanrio characters y/n:
Do you prefer icons or blinkies:
What are your favorite colors:
What are your hobbies:
Post a few of your favorite pixels:
Post a few of your favorite dolls:
Do you prefer sayclub dolls y/n:
What are your favorite foods:
What are your favorite drinks:
What are your favorite movies:
What are your favorite holidays:
What do you collect:

Some of these are a bit random but I'd like to figure out what I should make you for your special events. Oh and don't be surprised if you see me making stuff for you for christmas. I'll either make you a surprise special something or I'll make you something that I'll ask ahead of time.

For others whom birthdays are coming up, I'll work on your graphics soon but I have a few letters that I need to write as well as fill requests for I'm going to post a form like this one for everyone to fill out as well for birthdays.

by the sweet:


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