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Published August 7, 2008 by sadistickitten

*Filtered Entry So Breeders Won't Get Upset* 

I saw this in

 & I had to post this in here. The comments wow some are just rude and obnoxious but others are actually pretty nice.  This is shit that I have to deal with whenever I say that I don't want kids is ignorant fuck heads making their shitty ass comments about how “I'm selfish” or how I'm “making this world a worse place to live” or “a baby hater” or “children are our future” etc. bull fuckin' shit!  I have THE right to make the decions to not have kids.  Others don't even THINK before they do so then afterwards they're like ops I shouldn't have done that or etc.  I still don't understand where gay marriage is exceptable and all that NOT having kids isn't.  Why is that?  I so don't understand.  I mean a lot of things are socially exceptable but yet chosing to NOT have kids and making your own decision and being responsible for yourself is wrong?  I don't see that at ALL.  It doesn't make any sense to me.  I have all the rights in the world not to have kids just as others who do have their right as well.  I'd prefer if people only popped out one kid though, because this world is far too overpopulated as it is so why bring another child into this world?  Besides, this world is fucked up enough so we really need to have kids when this world is already fucked up?

Most people don't know this about me but I've ALWAYS known that I don't want kids since I was born (ok not exactly but pretty much since I was able to think).  I looked at kids around me and I just couldn't stand them.  I didn't like being a child.  I'd always play with my barbie dolls because they were adults rather than baby dolls or whatever.  I love playing with my barbies or leggos anything none baby like.  My parents always wanted me to have children because way back when I was little, my parents got me and my sister a generic barbie baby family with 2 kids.  I lost the two kids (ok I think that I threw them out because I didn't want them) and I ended up playing with the adults instead.  My mom was like “why don't you like the children” and I was like “I don't know they just bother me.” 

I'm not trying to be mean but I don't look at babies and go ahhhh I go eeww gross.  That's just MY opinion and I HAVE that right to make.  I mean george carlin even says “no one cares about your kids but yourself” which is true.  We don't care to see your kids doing this or that or hear that your kids (or grandchildren like my parents) did this or that today.  We could care less!  That's nice for them but don't shove that in our faces and expect us to care.

Whenever I'm shown a baby picture I don't even look at it, I put my eyes out of focus and just knob my head.  Saying anything would involve lieing that I think the babies cute or etc.  And I don't like lieing to people so I'd rather just not look at it at all and just go on.  Same goes for pictures of kids.  I can put up with seeing a childs' picture rather than seeing a babies so I don't mind that too much but if the child is rather ugly or looked deformed please don't expect me to say “awe such a cutie” or something when you clearly know that your child isn't that cute at all.  

Harsh I know but still I'm sick to death of hearing such nonsense about how I'm this “terrible human being for not having children” or that I'm “missing out on something big” when clearly I'm not.  I'm sorry but I'm not!  I'm better off besides I've talked with others and they said this to me “how does this person know that I'm not a bad person.  That I beat my husband constantly or vice versa” and yes sadly a lot of children are being brought up that way to be beaten and what not.  What I can't stand are woman that have kids just so they don't have to work and live off the gov't.  To me, that's lazy!  Not me for chosing not to have children.  I'm not lazy or selfish, I think I'm just being resposible and thinking ahead of time before making a big mistake.  It's not like a pair of pants, or shoes (which I often have to bring back because they don't fit) where I can go “sorry don't want this anymore, can you take it back?”  The hospital won't be taking the child back after I have already had it, they want to get rid of it just as much as I do.  I'm far too picky about the food that I eat, the clothes that I wear and what books that I read I don't think I should have to have  a kid to “fit in with the norms” of society.  

Will others disagree with me?  You sure bet they will!  That's why I'm putting this on filter so that way the parents won't judge me wrong saying “oh you're so wrong” and I don't care to get into yet ANOTHER fight over something very lame and stupid to me.  It's rivial thing to get upset over is this article or even the subject about me not popping out a kid.  I've known a lot of women that don't want kids and chose not to have them.  I'm still a child in many ways, I like hello kitty at the age of 29 and for all those people out there that think that I will “change my mind” you are SO wrong!!  I will NOT change my mind about having kids, I will stay with my original thought and not have them because I know that I'm not the motherling type.  I never have been!!  For whatever reasons I chose to not have kids are the right ones because I don't want to make a big mistake, something that I'd have to live with for many years of my life.  Besides, while everyone has kids that wants them I'll have more $ and less stress in my life not dealing with someone needing my attention all the time.  Bad enough that my cat likes to take up a lot of my attention when I'm writing my letters if I had a child I'd have ZERO amount of time to do that because they'd always want something from me.  

Ok that's just my 2 cents on this matter and thanks for listening.  Below is the article.

I've never had any burning urge to reproduce. There's no family pressure and plenty of grandkids, even great grandkids, from the other siblings. And after spending two days at our cottage with a friend?s rugrats quelled my urge even more.

I admire women who have always known they would have kids, no question. But I also admire the ones who have always known they would not. Like my friend Karen, now in her 40s, she knew by her mid-20s that she never wanted kids and got her tubes tied at 31. “I could not see bringing yet another child into this messed up world,” she says. “If I did want kids, I'd prefer to adopt a child who needed a home, rather than create another human being.”

Frankly, I wish people with kids had to defend their position as thoroughly as those who don't want children. Because, heaven knows, some folks are having kids for the wrong reasons. Say, to have someone to take care of them when they're older. But, chances are your partner and/or your friends will be more reliable in old age than some kid who will no doubt grow up and move to Australia.

Another argument is that people who don't have children are selfish. And your point is? Yes, I like the freedom to work and enjoy life with just little old me to think about. Besides, give me a break. Why do you think people have kids? To further the human race? For the kid's sake? Doubtful. Usually, it's just the thing to do. Or, as Karen says, to create the ultimate accessory. “It's typically women who are oohing and ahhing over all things baby, the teensy clothes/shoes — 'oh isn't this adorable?' — photos, all the nursery stuff. It's like a commodity.”

Sure, some people have kids because they genuinely like them but there are plenty of folks who don't. The last big grief people who choose not to have kids hear: you'll regret it. There are plenty of things I could regret if I let myself. But I certainly don't want to have a kid just in case I regret not having one. Karen says she hasn't regretted her decision for one second. “If I feel the desire to be around children, I have my sister's kids — and remember, I don't hate the little buggers in the least!”

Okay, let me say it too. I enjoy kids, sort of. I like the fun stuff but I'm always ready to hand them back after an hour or so. New mothers always say it's different with your own. But what if it's not? You can't toss 'em back. Obviously, we have some genetic disposition to reproduce or the race would have ended long ago. But it's not for everyone. And I don't want to feel inadequate or less of a complete woman for not popping out a kid. We make childbearing so noble, such an achievement, like it's the most exciting, fulfilling thing you can do. For some, I'm sure it is. But, given our social bias, deciding not to have a child is an equally noble and difficult decision. And that, I think, deserves a cigar.

No Kidding is an international organization that offers child-free support services and info. For info, go to 


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