Things Aren't Going Right Lately

Published August 3, 2008 by sadistickitten

I don't care to get into it but I'm taking some time away from LJ.  Things aren't going so well right now, I'm currently sick and feel like shit at the moment, dealing with a lot of stress and drama that clearly doesn't want me to live my life without it.  I am sorry to everyone since I comment here and there once & awhile but not too much.  

At the same time, I also understand that everyone has a life outside of LJ, it's not just about LJ at all.  So you've all had your time where you don't feel like being around for whatever reasons or what not.  Things aren't going the best right now and I don't feel like talking about it because it'll just make me more depressed, I'll be around here and there to check out my flist but don't expect too many comments.  When things are better with me, I'll let you know.  But until then if you don't see me a few days or more don't be alarmed I'm still alive just need to work stuff out.  

I'll still pick up requests that I've made since I don't want to get into trouble for not picking them up but just don't expect too much from me right now.  I think that I just a break from all the drama, and all the shit that's been going down and happening lately.  Plus, I'm losing it lately because my brain has been very distracted and I'm normally NOT the type of person that doesn't follow the rules when they request stuff or whatever.  I barely understand things right now because I'm stressed and have this REALLY bad migrane at the moment or headache I don't know.  Haven't been sleeping well, or eating much at all.  Shows me that I need to be spending less time on my computer and more time doing other things or just flat out figuring out my life right now and what I want from it.  Please do understand that I adore ALL my friends, I'm very lucky to have such great friends as I do.  I hope you're having a good time right now.

Take care of yourselves. Be back when things get better.



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