Stress And Period Are killing me

Published August 3, 2008 by sadistickitten

 Ughs, I swear I'm losing it!!  With everything going on $ wise, Tony not getting the guy to agree on $ for his new site that he's working on putting up etc.  I'd fill requests for 

 but I'm sure that'd screw something up on it for sure.  😦 I swear I'm going to go crazy and I even screwed up today while playing poker.  I thought that I had a certain hand but I had nothing so that proves right there that I am losing it.  Everything's getting to me lately.  I apologize to any makers that I requested from that were like “wtf why isn't she following the rules” because I swear to you, I READ them.  

Sometimes with my LD's I get confused about those types of things.  It's harder for me because everyone has their own rules (yes I do too) so it's harder for me to understand at times.  But I do read the rules because I know it's important to do so for the maker.  I'm a maker so I know how hard it is to not have someone follow their rules (but I still make for people that request from me not following the rules because I know it's hard to keep up with everyone doing their own thing).  Especially if I know this person or that has a lot going on.  No I don't write a lot of this stuff in LJ because frankly it's too personal but there's a lot going on right now that I don't discuss just like I'm sure not everyone here talks about everything either.  

Well I'm off to play sims and relax.  My head fuckin' hurts like hell 😦



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