Why Do People Suck?

Published August 2, 2008 by sadistickitten

*highly filtered post* Do NOT discuss anywhere else!

Seriously, why do people suck!?  I mean really why do they?!  Why do I say this?  Well ever since the whole incident happened with that girl, she's been avoiding me.  Why do I say that?  Well every time I check my gmail account (it's linked to my aim account because I don't download im services not after I had a virus from it), she either logs out when she sees me online or she goes idle whenever I am there.  Of course I have NO proof if she does have me on her list but I'm pretty sure that she does because she was added to my address book (not anymore however) so I'm sure they located her info because I didn't.  She might've gotten it from when I had it in my user info.

Anyhoo, I'm getting really fet up with this immature bullshit.  I understand that she's upset and all, but she's the one that doesn't write very long letters and only a short shopping list page is NOT a long letter nor is it appropriate.  I'm sorry but it's not.  If she's upset I can understand that but I'm NOT my fault.  She went ahead and go all uppity over an entry that was innocent.  She needs to learn to grow up.  And here's the part that sickenings she has a child people.  That means that she's going to have that go in the gene pool.  

Plus, Tony had to ban this asshole for being a prick and now he's trying to “apologize” but at the same time he's insulting Tony as he does so.  Seriously, that doens't show that he means it, it just shows that he's a further prick and Tony made the best decision not to let him stay on the board.  I understand that he'd be upset but this guys does NOTHING but poke fun at Tony and not even in a nice way. He pokes fun in those mean, nasty ways that people tend to do to piss them off.  

It's like this “someone was told to leave a casino because of his bad bo (the guy was really fat by the way) how did that feel AJ (he goes by this on the boards).” I'm sorry but that's NOT poking fun, it's being very mean and uncalled for just because he feels that he can.  There's only so much of that bs that Tony could take before he was just like I can't take it no more so he banned him.  Now the guys' agrueeing with him back & forth (told Tony to leave him alone) saying that he was sorry but then insulting his character further by saying stuff shit.  Also made a comment that “if Tony doesn't let him back, he'll just take a bunch of Tony's members with him” real mature!  That's NOT the way that you want to get on someone's good side by further causing drama/issues by insulting them and threatening them.  Of course, he also sent another email saying this “…because we live in the same town” that's a threat but it's not like we're worried about him, he's a pathetic loser.  ALL talk no action.

But yah, we're both dealing with shit today it seems.  Drama I told you follows me around like this sick puppy dog that won't go away and infests me.  Sickening.   I tell you, very sickening.  I don't like drama, I don't want drama, that's why I ended it the way that I did and just moved on.  Looks like others just can't move on, they feel the need to be resentful.  The thing is, this girl wasn't a good pal/friend of mine (not to me that is).  She was one of those ok pals that you can get a long with but it's not one where you have this close relationship to.  Maybe she felt closer to me than I felt to her?  Possible, I have no clue.  This guy, with Tony well he's just a fuckin' prick who feels the need to make others feel terrible so he can feel superior and good about himself.  People suck I tell you!  And yet people wonder why I'm an antisocial person, why I am a hermit who stays in the house most of the time (oh someone else made fun of me because I “don't get out enough” gee wonder why I got rid of that girl huh?) because dealing with people (not all but a lot of people) suck.   So what I quote “don't get out enough” big fuckin' deal!!!  Does that make me some freak of nature because I'd rather spend time with my husband rather than other people?  Most people suck so why bother dealing with such morons?  

Ok I'm off my soapbox.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better, Dave & Marne are coming over to play poker, eat pizza (I'm actually sick of it right now I know me I LOVE pizza) and hang out so hopefully tomorrow should be a better day for the both of us.  Wish us luck!

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