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Published August 1, 2008 by sadistickitten

I've read and commented on entries today and if I didn't comment does NOT mean that I didn't read your entries it just means that I didn't have anything to say about them.  I did read every entry since the last time that I did read it last.  Took me a lot of hours to get through everyone's entries so please don't think that I didn't read yours or that I skipped over it.  Sometimes I just don't know what to say because it's either been tooo long since you wrote that entry so saying something on it would be rather lame or dumb because you've already updatted previously about it.

I'm currently feeling like shit due to my period so I'm feeling bitchy & sad all at the same time, did I tell you that I just love being a woman at times?  NOT!  But the alternative to not having my period isn't want to happen EVER so yah I'd rather have it that way then the other way around.  I'm also upset that a lot of people haven't been requesting much from me in

 now I have no idea if that's because people aren't around right now due to the summer, it being close to the weekend and everyone's just having a good time or I'm just losing it (which could be the case I haven't been getting much sleep lately hopefully I get some tonight).  I'll do an official update really soon about everything that's been going but right now I feel like shit so I'm off to play sims 2 and relax then go to bed later on.

Take care all & hopefully you all are having a better week than I had and that you have a really good weekend. 

by: me


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