Offended Over Entry

Published July 31, 2008 by sadistickitten

*HIGHLY FILTERED POST*: People with kids will be offended that's why I'm filtering it.

DO NOT mention this outside of this entry!

I wrote up an entry about kids, ok it was that article that they talked about kids.  And of course a mother is telling me “My kids aren't like that, most people get sitters.  A lot of people like kids.”  Actually the world is changing and I NEVER said that I hated kids, I just don't like bratty ones.  I don't mind kids at all as long as they are good.  I've been to stores, resturants where kids have been good and never complained but every time I go to these places, kids always ruin it for me so why do you want me to say?  Now because I posted and WARNED someone that the article underneath was about kids she's all up in my grill saying that I'm the wrong one here.  Why you ask?  Because she sees me as a kid hater.  I never said that I hated kids, I just rather they weren't around.

Besides, she knows me (we're actually pals) so she knows that I'm not a kid person either.  I never was when I was a child so why would I want to be like that now?  What pisses me off is that she has the nerve to get upset at posts that I make about kids yet she can post pics and talk about her kid yet I don't get all uppity and poed at her for posting nonsense about whatever.  I just jump over those entries and ignore them because frankly I don't care about kids.  

So here's my beef, why is she getting sooo upset over something that she knows that I don't care for?  It's like all those child free communities talk about.  They are like whenever you write about kids in a negative way they always say this “not all babies are like that. x never was. And most people actually like babies.”  

Most people liking kids, well that's changing.  I have seen a bigger trend where even MY parents don't like other kids but they don't mind their grandchild.  They can't stand kids in resturants, clubs, etc.  just as much as I can't stand them if not more.  My mom's always going “if they took their kid out of here” etc. so why is it wrong that I don't like them?  I've been around a very good child before and I even gave her a hello kitty bandaid (when we were waiting for the plane to go to home from Vegas).  She was VERY good girl, she was on the flight and I never noticed her the whole time because she was good.  Now I don't mind children as long as they're good but when they start acting up crying, throwing a fit, disobeying their parents that's when I put my foot down.

I did come flat out and tell the girl that if she feels that we're too different then just delete me from her journal.  I won't do it first, then I'll look like some kid hater which I'm not.  I don't like babies, they don't look good to me but that's me.  There's nothing with that and people who say that I am some freak because I:

1) don't want kids
2) don't care for MOST children
3) don't like babies
4) enjoy in reading about kids being annoying

Then I'm automatically labeled as some freak of nature who really should be shunned and sent out to be killed.  Most people that I know, they're starting to hate children.  I've heard it from a lot of people and I know a lot of women have come up to me and said that they wished that they had not had kids or that they thought before they had their children then they wouldn't have had them.  Do you know how many women have?  Over 20+ women have told me this when I've said that I don't want kids.  They supported me and were behind my decision on that and they said “you go girl” more women should do that because there are far too many children out there that shouldn't have been borned.  These are women WITH children mind you!!!!  

AND to top that off, one of my former friends who has TWO children said that she hates the look of babies.  I was like but you have two kids.  She goes yah but I don't like babies how they look.  I'm like wtf you don't like babies?  Then why did you get pregnant? I'm thinking that she got pregnant so she could do what she's doing right now, which is sit on her ass collecting gov't $ having them take care of her 2 kids because she doesn't want to do anything else.  That's why she had kids, it's pretty odvious (if you knew her) she has nothing else in life so she was stupid and got pregnant.

I think after this, I'm going to write up an entry in a penpal community requesting CHILDFREE homes because I don't need to go through this bs with someone else because they can't respect my views.  *rolls eyes* another day…. 

I've decided to tell her that I would not like to be pals anymore.  I am cool and collective on this matter but she took offense to it because of some helpless babies.  What I'm upset over is that she doesn't see how her comment is offensive to me.  I don't bitch about her entries about her kid etc.  I just skip over them.  I am pals with mothers and I don't mind them at all.  I just don't like someone coming in and treating me like some freak.  No she did not intend for that to happen but it did.  We're too different she thinks kids are the best thing in the world and I don't.  It's been coming for a long time now really, our letters are rather short and stuff basically we only send stickers back and forth that's about it.  I'm not upset nor should she feel that I am because I'm not.  I just came to a point where I'm a brick wall with her and I don't see any other way out. Other than this issue, she's a great person so I wish her well.

EDIT: Chrisie brought up a good point, why have  a child/baby at a place where there's alcohol?  My parents even if they could not get  a sitter to take care of their child/baby then stay HOME!  A child/baby shouldn't be around those places where there is drinking.  I know that I've been to a few parties in the past where there was a LOT of drinking and man these people got out of hand!!!  They were all crazy and wild, girls taking their tops off etc.  why would you want a child/baby there?  Responsible adults would NOT do that.  If you are drinking, little kids/babies should not be allowed there.  That's why at our wedding, kids weren't allowed because we didn't want them drinking or being around people that had.  Just to me, doesn't make sense. 


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