Published July 31, 2008 by sadistickitten

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1) Talking: Donz talkz likez diz
2) Child Free: I don't like children nor do I want them so if you have  a child, do NOT be offended if I talk about kids in a negative manner (I never like me as a child so why should I have to like them now) I know not ALL kids are brats but a lot are.
3) Very Opinionated: I'm a very opinionated person, if you don't like that sort of person than don't bother adding me
4) Bitching: If you don't like to read about a person bitch then don't bother adding me because I have a tendency of bitching a lot.
5) Penpaling: If you would like to penpals please comment saying so, check out my user info for more details on me.



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