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Published July 25, 2008 by sadistickitten

First I'd like to welcome

 to my journal, welcome to my life. Please enjoy yourself & kick off your shoes and get comfy. 

Finished all the hundreds of letters that I needed to write to, I also finished Voula's just now before I got on my computer.  I now have

's letter to write so that's nice to only have a few letters to write.  What have I been up to other than letters?  Well family drama is still happening (please refer to entry below this for more details on that) but at least Tony's parents *knock on wood* haven't bothered us to drive them anywhere.  They got a new car now so hopefully that will last for a long time.  One that they can drive further than 1/2 mile from the house without having to rely on us all the fuckin' time.

Called my parents up to find out what's going on with them, basically to finally talk to my dad about things.  He hands the phone off to my mom *grrr* yes because I wanted to talk to her again.  I did talk to my dad for awhle so that was nice at least.  Nothing's new with them which was nice.  They asked how we were but since I don't want to stress them out I didn't want to say “well actually we're a bit worried about $” which would be kind of mean.  Why you ask?  My dad works THREE jobs so truly we have NOTHING to complain about.  

On to some good news, we finally got the $ from the guy that owed us. YYYYYYEEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!  However, it's through a poker site (yes my husband is a professional poker player) so he's got to play with the money before he just take out the $.  Then he's got to get approved before he can go and take it out then we've got to the $ in the mail 😦 boo hoo.  But at least we've got the $ so that's the important thing right?  Money will be a bit tired for a little while longer, I hope that after this we won't be so tight for a long time after this.  Guess that's the problem with marrying a poker player huh?  Actually that's not the problem that problem is Bush with the economy sucking (less $ from advertisers on his site) no one can really afford that much anymore.  We'll get by I just know it!

Still haven't heard from Unemployment yet.  *argh* I REALLY want this to happen because it would truly help us out with the bills etc.  So wish me luck!  I know that I got approved the first time so I am hoping that I will get approved again.  Since there are NO jobs in my area that I qualify for.  No seriously I mean it, I've looked all the ones that are my in area are for people who need 2 or 4 years experience which I don't have.  It's like how can I get the experience assholes if you are NOT giving me a job?  I fail to see how that works.  

Went to see “dark knight” last week and I must say that it wasn't as good as they are saying it is.  I am not saying it was so terrible either, it was about a B instead of an A+ like they were saying.  I think people were a bit bias because of Heath Ledger being dead and all.  I'm not trying to agruee with people on this just saying that it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be.  However, I LOVE how they did Harvey Dent, that was really cool!!!

Have any plans for this weekend?  Me writing my letter that I need to write and reading plus filling requests for 

 as well as working on icons for myself ^_^ I made my current icon as well as avril lavigne “fuck you” one that I used on my last entry that I just wrote up.  I found a tutorial (ok somone else told me about it in icon tutorials community) and I wanted to try it.  I couldn't make it with moving stuff because I'm VERY new to image ready (just used it for the FIRST time yesterday) but I'm sure if I can make these without animation adventually I'll figure out how to use it with it one of these days. 

Well “Psych” is about to come on and I want to see it, take care all.  I'm exhausted as hell slept wrong and my shoulder hurts plus I haven't been getting much sleep lately.

PS: I'll read/comment on my flist this weekend since I have nothing else going on (unless my parents show up at the last minute so I'll be cleaning all weekend long) sorry things have been stressful as hell lately and I've been depressed.

Take care

by: me



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