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Published July 20, 2008 by sadistickitten

Since it had been awhile since my last update, I figured might as well do it now. After this I'll be filling requests for

 since I need to get those done and put up another freebie soon.   

what a week!!!  Sorry that I haven't been around as much but I finally got to read/comment on my flist.  If I didn't comment, it isn't because I didn't read it it's because I had a lot of entries to get through (not as many as Jessica/

) but enough that it prevented me from commenting on every post, I hope that no one's upset over that either.  

This week, if you've been reading my updates on life you will remember that the in laws said their “car shit the bed” then we found out later that it did NOT shit the bed it's just a piece of shit (p.o.s) so I was poed again because they lied to us.  But I should have known better than trust ANYTHING that my in laws tell me, they always lie to us (about the dj, money situation, etc you name it) so I'm not surprised that they did it again.  Just annoyed that they still do it.  They seriously act like children and we are their parents.  *grr* I swear I don't get why they don't just come out & tell us the truth for once.  


We did a bunch of errands for them (don't care to get into the exact details again, it's only going to piss me off further) and rented them a car for a day (which WE paid for, yes I know why?  Because my FIL is “claiming” we're poor bs which is like yah but you can still afford ONE day rental).  I've already said to Tony how much I feel about them and their little lies plus guilty bs that they tried to pull on us so I'm soo over helping them out.  Tony wants to waste his fuckin' time with them fine but if they expect to get ANY $ from us, they kiss my fuckin' ass for all I care.  They are NEVER get another dime from us.  

Yeah I've been dealing with a lot of stress which is the reason why I haven't been around the past few days because I've been busy with dealing with such idiots as you can tell.  It's been one excuse after the next, one lie after another and I'm sick my inlaws bs and I just want to move away NOW.  Tony hates it too but he's like “they're my parents” yah so fuckin' what?  Another reason why I don't want kids, to pull that bs guilt trip.  Besides, like I always say I didn't ask to be born & I'm not saying that I want to die either (anymore that is).  I'm just saying that I hate it how parents will pull that shit it's so wrong on soo many levels.

We still haven't gotten the money from the guy yet.  He's been in the hospital, he had to have an operation (the one that his insurance isn't going to pay for so he had to pay it himself) and the meds were causing issues with him, an allergic reaction to them!  *grr* I swear it's not our luck at all.  😦  However, he is going to send $ for the ad that he put on Tony's site so that will totally help out a lot ^_^ at least for another month till he can get the cash together for the other site (he has money in neteller & which is another site that shut down US players due to the internet law being passed) so he's working on getting a few buddies to give him money till he can get them his out.  

I heard some good news yesterday!!!  Got the mail and looked inside, noticed an envelope on the outside saying “WORK FORCE” so of course I got really nervous dreading what might be in there and fearing that they were saying something about how the hospital this or that bs.  But nope, it's not.  It was about unemployment benefits have been extended (due to recent job shortage issues, they have decided to have unemployment checks come back) so I might be elligable to qualify for them.  

Called this morning (they were closed yesterday) and I registered with them saying all the info that I needed to and she put me through.  We won't know till 4 to 6 days from now when a letter comes in the mail but hopefully things will work out and I'll get approved (wish me luck).  I have to call tomorrow to set up a new username & password (I forgot mine, it's been years now that I first enrolled so yah of course I have but the lady sound SO angry at me because of that gesh!  It's not like it was a few months ago lady chill).  Then next Sunday, July 27th is the FIRST day that I can sign in fill out the info like normally when I did back then.

Haven't heard from my parents in a little while so yesterday I called them up, they NEVER called me back (gee I'm sooo shocked *sarcastic*) so I called them today telling that I might have some good news but I'll call back on next Saturday to tell them and find out what's up with them (mainly my father, my mother will go on & on about how she's got this or that wrong with her.  She sounds like a 80 yr old woman).  

Finished 5 letters and Tony took 3 of them with him he went to do grocery shopping earlier (to mail them) now I have 2 letters to go out on Monday.  Feels good I must say, I only have 3 letters left I believe and

's letter is next so I'll write hers up and should have hers out for tomorrow as well (I'll finish it later or Monday before the mail comes).  So yah I've been pretty busy writing my letters this week/weekend.  I also need to clean the apartment, it's getting dirty again and I JUST cleaned the rug which is now filled with Princess' fur again. *grrr* which means that I need to use the furminator on her again because it's starting to get everywhere.  I gotta write brush princess on my list for things to do weekly, I'm so scatter brained lately.

Haven't been reading too much of my books lately since I've been so stressed plus busy lately that all I've felt like doing at the end of the day is sleep and not read before I go to bed.  Watched a bunch of “party of five” episodes but I still have to caught up on more of them since I was busy hadn't had time to watch it.  Tony doesn't really watch that stuff with me unless it's when he's sick of being on his computer and wants to spend time with me.

I'll do a picture post of various gifts that I've gotten, as well as how our apartment looks so very different since we got the new fridge (yes even pictures of the fridge will be in there too).  So hopefully things are looking up at least I hope that they are.  Well I'm off to fill requests for

 since it's I've actually got the time 😉 and all.  

*Phew* it's been a busy few weeks.  Thanks for no one deleting me off your list due to me not being around much.  I'm normally not so bad about this stuff but when I've got family issues (this time it's not MY family it's Tony's feels good not to be my side and all), a lot of letters to write, stress from $ issues, I tend to feel pretty miserable and have NO motivation to even read.  I mean I haven't even been reading my “wicked” book lately so that should tell you something right there.  Also I haven't been feeling so great with the warm weather, allergies bothering me, my period coming soon, I've been soo tired and lazy lately. 

Here's hoping next week is better.  I'm thinking after “wicked” I'll read “phil gordon's little blue book.”  I was going to read “twilight” but then I'll need to buy the other ones in the series and right now I need to FINISH books not buy anymore (or my husband will kill me) or even use my points to “buy” any.  

Take care and have a good rest of your weekend.

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