Hate My Inlaws

Published July 16, 2008 by sadistickitten

I fuckin' hate my inlaws!  Why you ask?  Well besides the odvious reasons, it's these in particular.  

They treat Tony like a cab service:  That he will take them anywhere, at any time because they're HIS son.  They don't ASK they tell Tony that they need a ride here or there.  It'd be nice if they actually said to us “can we please have a ride” not expect Tony to drop everything and just go ahead to take them.  Just because he doesn't have a normal 9-5 job doesn't mean that he's not working hard every day to get things done.  After all, we NEED $ to pay the bills which I'm sure his parents don't understand since after all they're poor.

Issues: They always say “just this one thing:” Which in terms means to them “this and then this & that” as if they expect us obey them just because Tony's their son and we're the only ones close enough plus the only ones responsible in the area.  Wtf?  I'm sorry if they have a shitty car but how is that OUR problem?  

They used to ask for money from Tony to pay for things (let them get their own money, we're not their bank service) and then I'd see them at the hospital (where I used to work) eating OUT!  Wtf?  When we had JUST given them money to pay for rent etc. they go ahead and EAT OUT?! I'm sorry but at the time, we weren't eating out at all!  We were saving our money to pay for I don't know rent and etc.  I'm sorry but that's just wrong!  

Then Tony's parents would ask him to fix their computers just because Tony had either given them a computer or made a cheap one for his dad.  At the time, he wasn't even helping anyone with their computers (well other than himself or me) let alone helping his dad to take off viruses from his porn collection *rolls eyes* seriously that's what his dad told him! eeeewww did I need to know that?  Not to mention, adware/spyware shit that got on there due to his stupid downloads.  I mean let his dad take off his shit on his computer, we shouldn't have to do it because he's too fuckin' lazy!

Now since their car is a pos, we have been driving him around (little did I know that NOW he tells us that his car didn't really shit the bed, it's just a piece of crap) to go places since their afraid that it'll break down.  Great, so you have to bother us?!  Just drive YOUR shitty car to where ever and leave us the fuck alone.

Whenever Tony's mom calls she EXPECTS us to drop fuckin' everything to pick up the god damn phone.  wtf?  Excuse me?  I don't think so.  I'm sorry but that's why we got caller id so we can decide whom we pick up the phone for whom we will call back later.  I don't always pick up the phone when my parents call because at the time maybe I don't feel like talking to them or I'm not home, or busy.  I understand that Tony's mom is jewish and all but I don't feel quilty from her.  My mom makes wears you down with her going on & on about nothing at all just to convince me to do something.  Plus at least MY parents aren't idiots, they make sure to ask us before and ahead of time.  They actually say please & thank you.  

Tony gets mad at me when I tell him to say to them fuck you, you can't do it.  He does the same thing for me when my parents are pushing me too.  Example the thing that happened with my sister & the letter.  We wrote it up to make them realize that I won't talk to her and I need my space from her.  They need to respect it and granite they still about her but they haven't got much else to talk about.  At least they've stopped asking about me talking to my sister so that's a relief.

I'm only saying that because I hate how Tony's parents are.  I'm not trying to be mean to him but his parents are assholes.  I also say that because when we had our wedding, his parents offered to have to pay the dj (the dj we did NOT want *rolls eyes* of course-long story about that) so they went with of course a guy we can't stand.  They lied to the dj about how much hey were going to pay him and do you know that the dj talked with Tony for THE longest time at OUR wedding ceremony.  Wtf?  I just got married, I'd like to spend my fuckin' wedding reception with my husband!  Gesh!  

But yah that's why I say that I hate his parents. As I'm sure he's got reasons why he hates mine.  Whatever, parents suck!  That's all I gotta say.

by: me


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