wtf seriously people!

Published July 15, 2008 by sadistickitten


Ok so I was in this community that INVITE only (like mine) and the moderator writes this:

“Due to current public situations, I am putting your graphic on hold until I can decide the appropriate course of action. I appreciate your consideration in this matter. I'm sure, from one moderator to another, we can agree that certainly this does occasionally happen, and we can allow this to remain as professional as possible. Your comment, and this comment, will be screened.”

I totally understand that it's her friend that I banned and all but I LOST a friend too you know?  Hello?!  I'm the one that trusted her and she LIED to my face about the whole thing.  Now I thought that we could be adults here and get past this but I guess that I was wrong because she has to be pety and lame.  I'd rather leave then have her ban me.  Wtf?  I'm sorry that your taking sides on this matter I NEVER asked you guys whom are friends with this girl to take fuckin' sides on this issue.  To me that is immature and fuckin' lame.  How old are you to treat me like this?  Grow the fuck up and realize that it's stupid act so childish.  

It's MY community and if I feel that I can't trust her then I'm not going to have someone in my life, and community where I don't trust someone.  I'm sorry if you don't agree with that but that YOUR issue here NOT mine.  Fuck her, she can kiss my ass for all I care.  If she asks any of my friends, I hope they'll say they've got no clue why I left.  I guess I was the one that was stupid and dumb to assume that she could her feelings aside and just be civil.  Good thing I never became a maker there huh?  Not sure why I even joined by oh well water under the bridge.

Besides, I'm sure x didn't bother to mention that her & I had issues because she's treated me like a fuckin' idiot just because I have LDs and she feels that she's smarter than I am because of it.  Not only that but she also said that my comments weren't “valued” or some shit like that.  She's also the same person that went and called a good friend of mine (won't mention her name) that her comments are pretty bad and terrible plus she doesn't really mention stuff.  She also made fun of her which I did NOT do, but she did.  I told her that I still like her and she's a very sweet person and we all fuck up once and awhile.  She tells others how to comment in her journal as well as bitches about how others have commented wrongly.

It's funny because before her asshole ways, I totally put the shit with the girl behind me.  And not only that but do you know how many of you guys actually told me that if you were in my situation, you'd ban her sooner than that because of the issues that her & I had and I had to screen my journal before because I didn't want her to be able to view a lot of my entries.  I thought she was a nice person but turns out she's truly a bitch.  She got upset when she saw  a picture of me skinner than her (not saying that I'm not skin but I am skinner than her) and she was making fun of me in her journal by her comments. Such as, I don't take pictures of my hair color because I don't like taking pictures of myself, I'm too lazy to do a project picture post every day I HAVE a life, etc.  Yes those are ALL pointed towards me.  I was doing it for fun and YES I do have a fuckin' life.  gesh!  I'm sorry but right there I should've banned her then and there but oh well.  People that are friends with her did NOT stop being friends with her over this whole thing.  They're still my friends and most of them have been friends with me longer anyways than they've been friends with her so it seems right to me that she just drop the whole fuckin' thing and move the fuck on, gesh bitch.  Why don't YOU get a life. 

PS: Guess who fucked with my layout?  That's right, she did!  But I'll just see about contacting duchess to pay her to make me a new one.  Her stuff rocks so I don't mind paying her plus she's happy that I was soo good about taking down the other layout so promoted and stuff.  Well I need to get ready for them coming over.

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