Feels good

Published July 13, 2008 by sadistickitten

Ok so not many of you would know this, but I have been filtering my entries for a little while due to a certain person whom will remain nameless that was in my lj/flist that was causing issues and really pissing me off. So I put her on filter so now that she's gone, I feel like I can now be myself again! It really feels good I gotta say.

Things were hard for awhile for us, and clearly she's not uspet about it at all but you know what? Sometimes just because two people have a lot in common doesn't automatically make them best buds. I watch a segment on my computer (news one) that said that in marriage your interests and things in common change as you get older because you change. The same applies to friendships (at least I think so). I've had a lot of friends that have treated me like crap because I used to suffer from self esteem issues (whenever I say this people are always like really I can't tell that's the point) so I picked really bad friends. But I've learned to not jump the gun on people either so I give them at least 4 or 6 different times to screw up then I get rid of them. Same goes for because I don't like to jump at someone for their mistakes because we all make them.

I don't mind if people make mistakes, but what I will NOT tolerate is when someone does something bad and they do NOT feel sorry for bad for their mistake. There's no reason for that. If you did something wrong, fess up to it don't act like a child and deny it to the hill. Those types of people need to grow up! And just so everyone knows, the reason I banned the girl is my number ONE rule: “don't start drama here, you're gone” and she's the reason the drama got started there NOT me and did the same to my journal because I don't trust her. Why be friends with someone that you don't trust?

Really feels nice that I can just type or say whatever I want without someone attacking me about my entries or not even reading them then saying something stupid like “you went to Vegas” or something pretty damn odvious like my husband's name (not talking about the newies in my journal because you've only been a little while).

Oh and I'll read/comment on my flist but for now I need to relax so I'm making some freebies for I'll fill requests soon.

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