I feel so very betrayed

Published July 8, 2008 by sadistickitten

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DO NOT mention ONE word of this outside this entry, this stays BETWEEN us.

So I was adding people to and I added a few people that I love their work (they do far better jobs at layouts and icons that I could ever do) because I want to give back to them for what they've done and what they've given to me. I respect makers (being a maker myself) and I know how to feels when people have stolen my work and taken it as their own without even crediting me for it.

Yes I've had others STEAL my icons, banners, etc and even ones with my username on them wtf? So that makes ME look bad in the end. It's really not my fault but awhile back I had issues of others saying that I stole this or that (I didn't know the etiquette for crediting back in the day) when I didn't know this or that about blinkies and stuff. I was falsely accused of things and treated like a traitor (even had a girl message me on IM services threatening to “murder me & make it so I can't have children” not sure how she could do BOTH but these were 2 things that she said to me). Clearly the girl had no idea that I didn't want kids or she wouldn't have said that!

I've actually had girls with the SAME name as mine take my icons that I've either requested from other makers or that I've made myself and NOT credit the maker for their hard work because I always credit others work. They claimed them as theirs and I'd call them on it (found them randomly funny huh?) and they'd make it so I couldn't comment back and ban me. So yah I've been there on BOTH ends of the scale.

You call tell this when you see my entries or if you look at my icons I always credit things that I get from people. So when others say this stuff, I get very offended! The thing is that this person that made the layout (she can't read nor can her friends) is supposed to be my friend.

I'm now thinking that I can't trust this girl. Here's where it gets sticky, this girl is friends with A LOT of my friends (dear god it's happening again) which makes it VERY complicated. She STOLE someone's work and claimed it as her own. Yet the girl that she stole it from wouldn't know that it was stolen from her because well she wasn't invite till I decided to invite her to the community (which I was being nice and inviting people who made me tons of work so it's my way of saying “thank you”). That's NOT the point here. The point is my “friend” lied to me, she betrayed someone's trust and took something that she made and said it was her own work.

Everyone has been super duper nice at saying that they'd make me a layout or get help from making layouts. I'm thinking about putting up a post about (not till princess gets down because I can't move my damn mouse *yells at princess*) a contest for people to that can make icons for the community and then give out prizes. I can't spend $ right now since we don't have much but I could always give them extra graphics and what not. I guess I'll wait and see.

What I'm asking is of you guys, what should I do? Should I send her a message saying “look I'm sorry but I can't trust you after I know that you've stolen someone's coding.” Or should I just ban her? I could message her on either facebook or LJ but I won't do it now because I'm still so damn pissed off so I don't want to write something that I'll regret and I want to do with a level head not an emotional one. I'm taking some time to get over this before I go and talk to her about it.

If you were me what would you do?

Oh yah and NO project thing I'm soooo not in the fuckin' mood for this. šŸ˜¦ gggrrr ARGH! I'm off to relax playing sims I'm soo upset still and hurt. Seriously, why does this shit always happen to me? šŸ˜¦

*sorry if this entry is everywhere but I'm upset and Princess is stilling almost on top of my mouse*
by: me


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