Published July 8, 2008 by sadistickitten

I've deleted the girl from both my journal and sadistic treats since I don't want to take a chance of her stealing anything or anything like that. It's funny because our friendship has been rocky ever since she backed out of being doing the community together so long ago. I was VERY hurt by that after all, her & I were the ones that came up with the idea together.

Of course she also thinks that she's so much smarter than I am because I have LDs yes because I love the fact that I've got them *rolls eyes* really it's a pleasure NO!

I don't trust her at the end of the day, do I really someone who stole something? I mean it's one thing if you she came to me BEFORE and said “look I'm taking coding from x's layout to make this one” but she didn't!

People that are friends with her as well as me will mostly hear about it because I'm sure she'll wonder why she's been removed from not only the community but from my personal journal. But really it's been a long time coming now so it's not like a big surprise but still it hurts that she lied to me as well as stole from someone.

I will NOT post about it in a community, that's for the girl that had the layout to stolen from her. I won't even mention whom it is because I'm sure the girl that had it happen will wonder. I've decided that I'm going to ban her as well, after the responses that I got I don't want to take a chance of her trying to add herself back to the community. If she wants to know why, I'm sure that the x person that she stole the layout from will gladly tell her so. I'm off to ban her from my journal as well. Take care all, off to get ready for bed.



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