Not sure How I feel

Published July 5, 2008 by sadistickitten


Ok so I've got a few freebies up in community, and someone decided to request for their kids. Now you all know how I feel about kids. What I'm pissed and it's NOT because it's about the kids, let's put my feelings about kids aside right now. What I'm a bit annoyed with is that if I write COUPLES I mean “you & your significant other” not your kids names, not your uncle's name or something like that. I'm actually thinking about putting up a notice in my community saying “when I post freebies READ the rules and if I write things like you may put kids names down etc. then feel free to do so” I don't have that up but I'm thinking of letting others know that putting theirs kids, etc. that is NOT what the requests says it clearly reads “couples” which means 2 people yes but not your kids EVEN if they're twins. I don't understand how others can be confused at this or even do that. I mean if I asked for that in other communities, my requests would be denied AUTOMATICALLY because it's not your cousins, etc. it's for YOU!

Maybe I'm more annoyed because I don't like kids, I don't know but I am. It upsets when people fail to read the rules! How can someone NOT tell that I want couples what does couples mean? NOT kids right?! GGrr I just don't understand. Especially when it's got a heart inbetween. To me that's a bit sick with your kids names and a heart inbetween them. I get that you love them but it's not they the two love EACH OTHER! Does that make sense?

What do you think? Am I blowing this way out of a proportion?

EDIT: Talked with Tony & he thinks it's just because I don't like kids that's why it bothers me. Or I'm in one of my bad moods no clue.



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