What An Emotionally Exhausting Day!

Published July 3, 2008 by sadistickitten

Since I don't want my entries to be OH so long by the next time that I update I'll try to update once a day or at least every other day that way you won't be like wtf Jenn you are far TOO much if a talkative bitch *laughs* then you'll take me off your list just teasing that's all.

Worked out after not working out much lately due to stress and depression creeping up caused me not to do much at all.  I've been so lazy, I've been doing nothing but writing letters (which probably have been rather boring or well depressed I am SO very sorry) and filling requests for

 since I don't want to lose all my active members as well as keep the place pretty damn active.  

Watched “house of flying daggers” which Tony has now gotten me into those types of movies, I was never into asian movies like that but now I enjoy them.  ^_^ I can open my preferences on things just like Tony's gotten into different types of movies as well as comedians.  I've actually gotten him into certain comedians that he otherwise wouldn't care for or not know about it.

Cleaned the house immaculately so much that Tony really thinks that I did an excellent job on it.  YAY I kick ass!!!  Wooohooo!!!  😀 My parents are supposed to be coming over tomorrow to get together.  They're not sure what time (typical) yet but they'll call tomorrow morning (at least I hope so) to tell us.  They said it might just be a quick visit kind of thing and doesn't have to be a meal type of thing.  We need to do some grocery shopping so I'll probably end up picking up some ham steaks just in case they come over and want to eat something if not I'll have food for the week (Tony doesn't eat ham).  I didn't get the oven cleaned because it was too hot to do that but at least I got everything else and like Tony said “it's not like your parents are going to check out the oven.”  

After cleaning the house today as well as Tony talking with our backer we're both feeling better about things.  The guys actually going to give us some money this month (thank you).  On Saturday or Sunday we'll know more details about what's going on with things and the money so we're both feeling better. The poor guy now has problems with his back, his mom is ill, and he needs surgery that costs a lot of $ ouch!  Why do we get screwed because of others?  I have yet to figure that one out.  Well I need to get ready for bed now since Tony's wants to head off to bed (if I go to bed whenever I want, I'd never get to bed *laughs* I'm a night owl so this makes it so I'm not a crazy girl getting no sleep).

Take care all, have a good july 4th weekend!


Oh here's the score for tonight: Boston 7, N.Y. Yankees 0 SWEET!  Eat that yanks!
by me


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